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The Art of Joining a Family

AOJF is a course in which we clear issues of the past and join families in common purpose. Designed to clear conflicts, issues of right and wrong, clear disagreements, release anger, projection, hatred, arguments, power and control, and come to oneness, peace, joy, and love.

A family as a unit will have a common purpose so that they can have a basis for joining and staying clear. Each person will have a way of clearing themselves from their anxiety, fear, upset, guilt, and anger, as well as how to clear with others in the family. This is called the Clearing process. Each family will have a trained assistant assigned to them to work throughout the course with their clearing process. The Workshop is a small workshop with a high participant-to-assistant ratio. During the course, participants are taught the tools for building extraordinary relationships, while simultaneously practicing those skills with a team of highly trained assistants.

Special price available for families that live in the same household and work with one budget. A family is defined as those family members who live together in the same household. 

Next Workshop Date:

Interested in hosting this workshop in your area?  Call Sandy now! (360) 527-2796

*All enrollments are subject to our Cancellation Policy
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