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Fathers in Distress

Are you feeling desperate and in pain because you have lost contact with your kids?

Do you feel your ex-partner has turned your kids away from you?

Do you quite simply not know how to talk to your son / daughter?

Do you long to feel complete? 

Fatherhood is a priceless gift; the ultimate in being an adult male. It brings connection, purpose and great joy. When contact with one’s children is given up or taken away for whatever reason a huge chasm suddenly and brutally emerges. No matter how “right” it feels to be leaving your partner you can still feel huge guilt about leaving your kids. This guilt can affect the way you behave and the decisions you make. 

Being estranged from one’s children is one of the most excruciating pains a human being can endure. No part of one’s life is exempt from its effects and if the pain of this separation is not expressed and resolved it causes endless distress, disease and destruction, not only immediately but over many years. 

You are invited to join this powerful and life-altering workshop where you will be able to discover and express your own true feelings about your own situation amongst those who not only understand but will be able to help you express your anger, come to terms with what happened, forgive those involved including yourself and regain the confidence and self worth you thought you had lost.

Next Workshop Date:

Interested in hosting this workshop in your area?  Call Sandy now! (360) 527-2796

*All enrollments are subject to our Cancellation Policy
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