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True Woman's Power

Three day weekend course

Friday 7-10 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am-9pm

Contact Sandy by phone or email for payment options

In this powerful and life-altering course, you will be guided by a group of supportive, empowered, and compassionate women and coaches through a journey to discovering the ultimate love, peace, and joy within yourself. There is one facilitator for every two participants. You will enjoy a combination of one-on-one coaching, group discussions and learning exercises with other participants, and several different facilitators coming from very diverse backgrounds and experiences.

In True Woman's Power, we will go wherever we need to go to help each woman find her way home to her truest Self.

You will experience powerful techniques for Clearing any barriers to femininity, sexuality, spirituality, talent, and life-long partnerships through group and personal exercises designed to transform your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, therefore transforming your life.

True Woman's Power helps a woman to affirm and embrace her wholeness as a woman; bring her life into harmony with her highest visions; accept and celebrate her femininity, sexuality, and power; and attract the love she wants by deepening her connection to the Divine within. 

Next Workshop Date:

Interested in hosting this workshop in your area?  Call Sandy now! (360) 527-2796

Tuition - $1,100

*All enrollments are subject to our Cancellation Policy
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