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The Holy Relationship

(The Healing Partnership)

The Holy Relationship is a healing partnership based upon totally authentic and 100% Truth, communicating with another person who you have a joint intention with or fully aligned conscious purposes.


It is a safe, fully seen relationship in which each is held and seen as 100% innocent no matter how much evidence there seems to be 'proving' their guilt. Each person, at some level of mind, must see themselves as whole, complete, and perfect as one of the necessary conditions for the relationship to work.


Their intention in the relationship is to release the perceived needs they feel were not met by mother, father, God, or others in their past and to know that they are full, whole, and complete in themselves. In other words, they are not in this relationship to fulfill a perceived lack and they understand that they have everything that they need within themselves already. The belief that the other person is not giving them what they think they need is what they’re actually clearing or releasing. Many times we think ‘they are not giving me what I need and so I will replace them with someone else who will give me what I need’.


Every relationship always has a purpose or we wouldn’t be in it. The Holy Relationship is also an equal partnership in which two or more people are both teacher and student to and with one another. The Holy Relationship is a teaching-learning situation in which both people can be the teacher and learn to and from each other. The journey and process of this relationship is like a rebirth for both beings who will likely go through discomfort and lessons on their journey to Truth. They must keep Faith in each other and in the relationship to attain the goals of the relationship by clearing all obstacles in the way. The goals are full forgiveness resulting in total Peace.


In the Holy Relationship course and process, one can always reconnect to the purpose of the relationship instead of the body or personality of the person. This excitement about and remembrance of the purpose will keep the people going forward when they feel blocked or stuck at some point in the process and want to give up on the process or leave the relationship. The Holy Relationship is the fastest track back to who you truly are. “...In each the other saw a perfect shelter where his Self could be reborn in safety and in peace.” (from 'A Course in Miracles') .


The 'A Course in Miracles' book, written in the 1970’s through Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, is a psychospiritual process which contains many pages on what a Holy Relationship and a ‘special relationship’ are. My Holy Relationship course, which I have been teaching since 1990, is a practical and experiential process for attaining the goals of the ACIM book, which is total Peace and forgiveness. Another goal and intention of the 3-section book, approximately 1,500 pages, is for each person to hear a true internal voice of truth or higher consciousness within themselves. The book is a non-dualistic system in which we release the idea of good and bad, guilt and innocence, wrong and right, and focus on Spiritual Truth, which is that there is only innocence, true goodness, and true purity in everyone. The shadow side, or the negative, is what we are actually releasing.


The 8 day course is a living experience of the Holy Relationship process including many tools, exercises, and many full POC (Power of Clearing) clearings.

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