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Why am I here? What is my true purpose in life? How can I be at peace?

These questions sparked a lifelong quest for me.

This legacy book embodies my gift of intuition, compassionate listening, and heart-centered commitment to connecting deeply with people. I have facilitated profound transformation through hundreds of trainings for thousands of people worldwide. This is the first time I share my accumulated knowledge from four decades of counseling and life coaching.

My simple yet powerful method guides participants to release past experiences and negative core-thinking patterns that may repeatedly attract negative life experiences. In this book, I teach how to move from limited thinking toward a life according to true purpose. 

I Just Want Peace reveals my original 3-step Clearing Process that demonstrates how you can release negative beliefs and reclaim your most purposeful, joyous, and authentic life. 

My personal story offers insights into how I received The Power of Clearing process during a life crisis.

Lessons from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) are paramount in my work and serve as the spiritual premise for my trainings, coaching, and network. 

I Just Want Peace encourages and challenges people to take full responsibility for the reality we create by claiming our power. One unique aspect of my work is that I am committed to supporting you on your life journey toward living the most expansive vision for your life.

Power of Clearing Coaches are available to speak with you,
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