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The Art of Surrender

The Art of Surrender is an opportunity to heal any relationship that has caused you grief or conflict. During this 3-day course we take an in-depth look at the limiting beliefs people hold about love and relationships.


During The Art of Surrender people uncover more of who they are and embrace themselves from within. All healing is a release of the negative past. The negative thoughts, feelings and emotions a person experiences are a reflection of certain aspects of a negative past.


If you feel incomplete, unacknowledged, or unrecognized in any relationship, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Time may not heal, often just covering over an old hurt and remains incomplete. You must take the first steps toward healing and forgiveness with any significant relationship that feels incomplete in your mind and heart that has not been taken to love, peace, joy, and connection. You alone can invite yourself to a life of peace, love, and joy by doing this important process of clearing all negative past relationships of any conflict.


The Art of Surrender teaches the Power of Clearing Process and contains 5 different Clearings in major areas of challenge in a person’s life. These Clearings can include their mother, father, self, sister, brother, children, ex-partners, their perception of God, their finances, their sexuality, their fears, and their guilt.


We transform the old Paradigm thinking of our parents and society in all the areas of relationship with your mates, partners, lovers, husbands, and wives into a new Paradigm shift in the area of relationship and understand what it means to create a healing partnership based upon true honesty, authentic communication, and common purpose. This creates a healing partnership commonly called a Holy Relationship.


Now is the only time to love yourself unconditionally. Now is the time to discover who you truly are.


In the Art of Surrender, you will learn the tools to…

  • Remove blocks that keep you from expressing your true passions

  • Release the guilt and fear in painful relationships and come to true forgiveness.

  • Discover who you truly are

  • Love yourself unconditionally.

  • Join at a very deep level with yourself and love yourself

  • Create relationships that are totally honest and authentic.


The Art of Surrender is a course that confronts fears, negative beliefs, past issues, and communication barriers and removes them. You can eliminate the damaging beliefs you project on the present people you are in relationship with by confronting and releasing your negative past in relationships. This is called projection of the past into the present. But only you can do this for yourself... and we can show you how.

Next Workshop Date:
We are now taking reservations. Contact for pricing, location, dates, and times.

To register:  

Contact Sandy Levey-Lunden at

H - (+1) 360.527.2796

C - (+1) 360.739.4602

or make a deposit or full payment in the shop here!

Each workshop begins at 6pm Friday night dinner, actual workshop begins at 7 pm and ends Sunday night between 8-9pm after dinner.

Interested in hosting this workshop in your area?  Call Sandy now! (360) 527-2796

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*All enrollments are subject to our Cancellation Policy
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