Sandy Levey-Lunden is a #1 International Amazon Best Selling Author and Reverend with both the Universal Life Church and Sacred Purpose Church. In the past 40 years, her unique style of coaching has helped over 50,000 people in North America, Sweden and the UK heal their past negative beliefs. "Deep feelings of guilt hide in our relationships with partners, parents, siblings and co-workers," notes Levey-Lunden. "People come to me to heal from years of familial, relationship or employer abuse." Her special brand of coaching has helped clients reconcile with their spouses, rekindle relationships with absent fathers, renew loving, permanent connection with domineering mothers and re-establish productive, rewarding careers.

Why am I here? What is my true purpose in life? How can I really be happy?

These questions sparked a lifelong quest for Sandy. In 1990, she created a simple, yet powerful modality as a healing tool that guides participants to dig deeper into their past experiences and release the core-thinking patterns that invite repeated relationship failures and dysfunctional life experiences. Called the "Clearing Process," it reshapes behavior and thinking processes by investigating the sources of dysfunctional responses that govern participants' lives. "It's a dual modality that begins with releasing the negative past," states the Washington-based coach. "The next prong teaches participants how to let go of that negative emotion when it is recreated in the present."

"When we don't deal with the trauma left behind from abuse and misperceptions, we live in a cloud of fear, guilt and negativity," Levey-Lunden adds. "That guilt and fear cements repeated patterns of behaviour, which perpetuates an increasing downward cycle of poor health, failed relationships and negative thinking."

Sandy's masterful approach helps participants to relearn communication skills and transform their lives. She states "By changing our beliefs, we reconnect to the deeper awakenings of how our thinking controls us," and quotes Wayne Dyer, "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

Within a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment, the workshops promote success through her tools and expertise. With over 30 years of experience, Sandy Levey-Lunden founded her coaching company, On Purpose, in 1982. Her "Clearing Process" is used by other counselors and coaches throughout North America because of its simple, yet effective approach that her past clients have attested to. Sandy is also an ordained minister under the auspices of Universal Ministries. 

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