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Sandy Levey-Lunden is a #1 International Amazon Best Selling Author and Reverend with both the Universal Life Church and Sacred Purpose Church. In the past 40 years, her unique style of coaching has helped over 50,000 people in North America, Sweden and the UK heal their past negative beliefs. "Deep feelings of guilt hide in our relationships with partners, parents, siblings and co-workers," notes Levey-Lunden. "People come to me to heal from years of familial, relationship or employer abuse." Her special brand of coaching has helped clients reconcile with their spouses, rekindle relationships with absent fathers, renew loving, permanent connection with domineering mothers and re-establish productive, rewarding careers.

Why am I here? What is my true purpose in life? How can I really be happy?

These questions sparked a lifelong quest for Sandy. In 1990, she created a simple, yet powerful modality as a healing tool that guides participants to dig deeper into their past experiences and release the core-thinking patterns that invite repeated relationship failures and dysfunctional life experiences. Called the "Clearing Process," it reshapes behavior and thinking processes by investigating the sources of dysfunctional responses that govern participants' lives. "It's a dual modality that begins with releasing the negative past," states the Washington-based coach. "The next prong teaches participants how to let go of that negative emotion when it is recreated in the present."

"When we don't deal with the trauma left behind from abuse and misperceptions, we live in a cloud of fear, guilt and negativity," Levey-Lunden adds. "That guilt and fear cements repeated patterns of behavior, which perpetuates an increasing downward cycle of poor health, failed relationships and negative thinking."

Sandy's masterful approach helps participants to relearn communication skills and transform their lives. She states "By changing our beliefs, we reconnect to the deeper awakenings of how our thinking controls us," and quotes Wayne Dyer, "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

Within a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment, the workshops promote success through her tools and expertise. With over 40 years of experience, Sandy Levey-Lunden founded her coaching company, On Purpose, in 1982. Her "Clearing Process" is used by other counselors and coaches throughout North America because of its simple, yet effective approach that her past clients have attested to. Sandy is also an ordained minister under the auspices of Universal Ministries. 

Since 2000, Sandy has continued to counsel, coach, hold workshops worldwide, and train Power of Clearing coaches. She has also been working on this book and planning a feature film project to showcase the fantastic stories people spin with breakthroughs possible! 


She has trained approximately 400 Power of Clearing coaches. She puts her heart and soul into each client and aspiring coach and stays closely connected, communicating with them regularly about whatever is going on in their lives. These cultivated coaches are like gold to Sandy, functioning like an extended family to her. While not all are operating certified coaches using The Clearing Process as the book describes, they are living examples of the embodied Peace they learned in the 10-day course applying the wisdom to themselves and all relationships. 


Sandy is devoted to consistently supporting anyone out of stuckness, working diligently with them to find a breakthrough and get to authentic knowledge of their true Self. Once engaged with someone in the process, Sandy holds their situation in her consciousness, constantly seeking solutions to support clients and friends in moving forward by clearing their minds and resolving difficult life circumstances. She lives what she is teaching all day, every day, guided to engage with those ready to find more forgiveness and Peace within themselves. Her gift of empathetic listening combined with persistent and direct inquiry enables the opening and courage for the client to initiate forward motion. Sandy is acutely aware of the ego being staunchly committed to staying stuck in resistance; therefore, her tenacity is the tough love match needed to enable people’s transformation. Sandy holds the faith that there is always a way out of all pain and suffering and chooses to see each person as their higher Self embodied.


Here is an inspiring example of Sandy’s tenacious spirit holding space with a dear connection over 13 years of knowing and coaching her. Sandy has recently been able to facilitate a deep Clearing Process with this octogenarian to release the blame that she held on herself. The woman finally completely shared her ego (little t) truth and how it has served her for 65 years. 


When she was a high-level student in college, involved in a long-term relationship with a man she thought she would marry, that man’s friend (of another race) deceived and raped her. While he raped her, he asked her over and over if she would keep the baby, and she said yes. She was a virgin until that moment. She became pregnant and was in great conflict, as it was the late 1950s when there were significant taboos about unwed mothers. Even though she had been raped, she thought her family would disown her if they saw her mixed-race baby and that she would be an outcast amongst her friends and social peers. When she gave birth in the hospital, a set of twin doctors convinced her to give up the baby girl. She held the baby once and then signed a paper surrendering all awareness of what happened to the baby. 


She wanted to keep her baby, and her conflict about the whole situation tormented her, torn between social fear of feeling like an outcast and, on the other side, wanting to raise her daughter and be a good mother to her. At the very least, she wanted a contract that would only allow a two-parent couple with Masters degrees to adopt her baby, but they never signed the contract. Looking back at this situation repeatedly, about how these doctors pressured her, she felt it strange that they insisted on her giving them her baby immediately. Her greatest fear was that they would sell the baby into child trafficking. Because of her emotional pain, she doesn’t remember the names of the doctors or the date of her baby’s birth. When she contacted the hospital years later, no one knew the names of those doctors or how to contact them. 


She married a man she met while she was pregnant. He wanted to have children and would have been willing to keep the baby; that didn’t happen. She married to save face; however, she didn’t love her husband or want to have a child with him. She married him to function as (an ego) punishment to herself for not choosing to keep her baby and not courageously going beyond the social norms of the time. She felt like a traitor, failing both herself and her husband.


She had not forgiven herself after 65 years for not knowing what happened to her baby, her only child, where her baby girl was now, her name, how to contact her, and to find out if she had a good life. In this Final Clearing process with Sandy, she forgave herself completely and finally had Peace. 


As a life coach, Sandy frequently solves challenges in present-day situations if they can be solved from past pains and constantly thinks of solutions to challenging intricate circumstances. Sandy considers herself a solutionist and a catalyst for Peace by Clearing the past and opening the person to a new dramatic outcome of past pain. She came up with a present-day solution; this woman could be a guest on the Dr. Phil show. He could look at the conflicts inside her, show her anguish and pain, help her discover what happened to the baby, and find her daughter through intensive investigations by research and detectives. Even if she didn’t go on the TV show, Dr. Phil might be willing to help create a reunion for them to meet. 


After this Final Clearing with the octogenarian, Sandy recommitted to the idea of creating a team of Power of Clearing coaches all over the world to complete the lives of everyone in care homes who can remember and communicate. So many older people die isolated, separate, and alone and suffer from blaming themselves for something that happened. The coaches could help those willing to let go of something they are blaming themselves for in the past through the Clearing Process. Then they can leave the earth free and clear in their hearts, present with love and forgiveness for themselves. One knows if they are blaming themselves if they repeat the same story to themselves or others, trying to relieve their guilt. The Power of Clearing coaches could make speeches in the care homes about blame and guilt to see which people would like to clear and ultimately forgive themselves. 


As an ACIM-Based Real-World Results Achiever, Matchmaker, Networking Maven, Proud Grandma, and Dog Lover, Sandy Levey-Lunden resides in Bellingham with her extended family and near her daughter and grandchildren.


“I am always looking at who and what can be cleared from the past. I am clearing with everyone I meet wherever I go, if they choose to, and whether or not they pay me. If I died right now, I would feel I have done everything I came here to do for my purpose and have no regrets about anything or anyone. I plan to retire when I expire, resting in Peace. Mission accomplished!”


Close-up of Sandy Levey-Lunden, smiling warmly, her kind eyes reflecting her compassionate and empathetic nature. She is wearing a colorful blouse and is surrounded by a soft, serene background, symbolizing her peaceful and supportive coaching environment.
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