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The Art of Giving and

Receiving Love

If we are to be honest with ourselves, most of our giving is conditional - we are almost always giving to get something in return, even if we are just expecting a "thank you" from someone, or hoping that they will be pleased with our giving, acknowledge us, like us more, or approve of us.

True giving is unconditional where we give because we are called from our heart to extend ourselves to another in some way and just for that. There is no thought or expectation of any return. And yet in true giving we always receive in the moment that we give, for they are, in truth, one.

This shows up most dramatically in giving and receiving love. We all want to be loved unconditionally and are, consciously or unconsciously, always seeking this in all of our living. Yet we have many barriers that we have unknowingly built against both giving and receiving love. Opening our hearts to love is our greatest fear. You may recognize yourself here: feeling not good enough to be loved; feeling unworthy of love; feeling unsafe to let love in or express love.

In this course we will delve into the exploration of our personal histories to see where and why we have built these barriers to love, for there were reasons we did this, and then gently learn how to release them. We will release our desire for special love wherein we give hoping to get something, which comes from a deep sense of lack within us. We will go through all of our conceptions of love, what love has been to us in the past, how we want to hold love in the present, and how to give love, undefended, from the heart. And so we will come to embrace the truth that we are worthy, deserving and safe to receive love. Through this we will come to know again the truth of who we really are beyond our stories and our wounds. We will come home to love.

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