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Partners on Purpose

Are you and your partner drifting apart?

Are you fed up with searching for love in all the wrong places? 

Take a look at your track record. If you found the perfect relationship, would you trust yourself to be able to create and sustain that totally fulfilling and healing relationship you've always dreamed of? Or would it change and fall apart just like it has before? 

Here’s just a portion of what you’ll learn: 

  • How to create peaceful, loving, communication.

  • How to forgive and release past indiscretions you may hold against yourself or others.

  • What women and men truly want, not what they say they want

  • How to rekindle and revitalize your relationship.

  • How your childhood conditioning is affecting your relationships today.

  • Practical communication techniques to resolve conflicts and deepen intimacy.

  • How to discover and release your blocks to connecting fully with another person

  • The secrets of lasting love and intimacy of couples who thrive

  • What the true purpose of your relationship is and how to join in that purpose.

Who is this series for?

  • People who are on the brink of divorce or separation.

  • Singles who are ready to meet the mate of their dreams.

  • Couples who want to transform their life together to experience loving bliss.

  • Lovers who wish to deepen connections, ignite passion, and experience a new level of intimacy.

Next Workshop Date:

Interested in hosting this workshop in your area?  Call Sandy now! (360) 527-2796

*All enrollments are subject to our Cancellation Policy
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