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Warm Water Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful tool for creating openings to greater consciousness, deeper knowledge in our own thinking and our value systems. You will eventually be able to alter your own moods, to free and release old painful memories. 

Those memories steal energy and weaken your life force. We will present the tools for cleansing and recharging your mind so that you will be able to renew and redefine your life. You will also learn techniques to increase your energy, your wellbeing and your health to cope with life more easily with a lighter attitude. 

A large part of the training will be practicing emotional release and mind exploratory work. The high point will be breathwork practiced in warm water. This is an extraordinary powerful method for penetrating into experiences from early childhood an even birth. The process will release deep traumas and tensions. Be prepared for some really opening experiences! 

Lena Kristina Tuulse is one of the creators of the Swedish training for breath workers and the Swedish association for giving birth at home. As a psychologist she has profound knowledge of releasing traumatic experiences caused by birth. She is a dynamic and courageous leader who confronts what needs to be healed with a loving and caring generosity. 

Phone: 011 (46) 175 31485

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