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Recent Testimonials of Transformation

Sandy Levey-Lunden taught me that nothing is unforgivable. I can release any upset by clearing my own mind. There is only LOVE. The rest is a story I made up. This way of living has transformed my relationship with everyone who is important to me. I highly recommend Sandy if you are looking for a breakthrough to the greatest love of your life.

Sandy is like a force of nature complete with her own inter dimensional wormhole. When traveling the galaxy coming across a shortcut can be of great help and this is how it is when you enter Sandy’s orbit. She is connected with the resources and will hook you up with whatever or whomever you have been seeking. If you are seeking the highest truth of yourself she can help you with that too! She’s incredible.

-Shyralee Michel, Hypnotist and Radio Show Host, July 25th 2020

Purple Blossom

In the session, we worked on letting go of my fears (ego beliefs) and we also, discovered that I was actually feeling unsafe of steeping out in the world more and living my highest potential. Much gratitude for Sandy’s good work in helping me see and clear out my false beliefs and fears.

-S. O. – Massage Therapist, July 25th, 2020


I have so much I could say about those first few weeks of meeting you Sandy. After that first weekend, in London, you persuaded me to do the two weeks training over New Year in America. My ego was digging its heels in, not wanting to go, but you persuaded me, and we all went on a road trip to your home in Bellingham. This was all becoming such an extraordinary experience for me! There were 17 of us in that training in your home. I had decided I could only do half of that second week because I ‘had’ to get back for some work meeting, however, I soon realised that in fact I ‘had’ to stay where I was in the training and finish the week as it was ‘the most important thing I have ever done in my life’. I remember saying that to my husband on the phone. How you managed that training was extraordinary, I had never met anyone quite like you before. You were everywhere, supervising the cooking in minute detail, as well as the training and making sure everyone was getting what they needed and sorting out accommodation for everyone. 


Sandy, I love you so much and have you to thank for uncovering the person I was meant to be. Still a work in progress but I am so grateful to you.

-S.R, May 18, 2020


Sandy, one of the many things I love and appreciate about you, is that I feel I can count on you to never judge me harshly or assume bad things of me. I believe that you see my Spirit as I am, and accept me always. You are one of only a couple people in the world I feel this way about, and it's such a grand gift, that it extends into how I see myself and how others see me. I also love your sincerity, generosity, confidence, joie-de-vivre, compassion, and so much more! You've certainly touched my heart, and I feel honored to be in relationship with you.

-M.A., May 17, 2020


My appreciation of Sandy is as a very experienced, intuitive counselor and coach.I met Sandy in 2016 at one of her courses in the UK. She was very caring and prepared to go the extra mile to support me to be the best version of me. I found her to be very direct using her intuition and her experience in human connection to enable her to see just what was possible and what was needed. Sandy has a kindness and an openness allowing her to connect with anyone on any level. I have had the benefit of being a client and then a supporting coach at some of her workshops in the UK. She is consistent and constant which enables her clients to move into deep reflective work as the 'container' she creates is strong, supportive and non judgmental. I am happy to recommend Sandy to anyone wishing to take their journey towards self actualization. She is a great companion and ally with a good sense of humour.

-Richard Goodall, Counsellor & Master Horticultural Gardener, April 30, 2020


Sandy's 'Power of Clearing Process' taught me a phenomenal, yet simple set of tools to shift the ways I look at myself and others. The results are evident both in my home and professional life. Since my clearing sessions with Sandy, although I am still experiencing upsets, their emotional charge have no control over me. Unlike other therapeutic counseling methods, The Power of Clearing Process goes right into the source of the negative concepts and something happens during the 3 steps of forgiveness because at the end of the same session you leave feeling love, joy and genuine compassion for yourself and others. Occasionally I am still able to catch the residues of those old negative concepts, but before they can get a grip on me, I quickly remember that they are just reminders of the parts of me I still need to heal. I always have the choice to remember of my true Self. Don't miss out trying Sandy's work and learn about the POC!


-Gizella Nagy, April 20 2020  


Sandy stays focused until you see real results and heal. You will never feel bad about yourself or any aspect of communicating with her. She will not waste your time but go straight to where you need the healing to begin. Sandy has helped thousands of people and trained many hundreds of coaches and therapists. No question is too big or too small for her. She is a grounded, qualified and clear therapist who is 100 % suited to her calling no matter what you bring as a client. I recommend her for couples, families, family group healing, singles, elders and teens. She is also an excellent coach for business people wanting to align with their truth and authenticity to contribute in the world and build networks. Outside of work her perspective is similar to people such as Eckhart Tolle and other spiritual speakers. However in a session it is her personal qualities, intuition and clarity that has supported thousands of adults, couples and children.


-Anna, Information Strategist, Apr, 23 2020


Sandy is an amazing coach. I had lots of outstanding sessions with Sandy over a few months that were life changing. I had recently separated from my husband and Sandy helped me work through my emotions and beliefs around this and many other topics. I highly recommend Sandy as she has deep knowledge and is strongly intuitive with how to work through issues. I admire her deeply and her words will always stay with me.


-Sally Peace, April, 24 2020


As a participant in Sandy Levey's workshop, I needed to overcome emotional blocks preventing me from expanding my own counselling practice so I could work in the sexual area as my specialty. Dealing with childhood issues, Sandy helped me clear past traumas which empowered me to take action as a sex therapist. Consequently, I have enjoyed a very successful relationship and sexual counselling private practice for eighteen years. Sandy is a highly accomplished international workshop leader. I highly recommend Sandy's expertise for anyone wanting to clear serious past emotional blocks.

-Blenda R. Pilon, MSc and Ret. RSI minister; author of LOVE SECRETS, Falling in Love & Staying in Love and How To Find True Love, April 25 2020


Sandy is incredibly insightful and uses her counselling talents with great skill, patience and understanding. I have worked with her for several years and always admired her sense of humanity and care for others.

-John Reynard, April 25, 2020


It gave depth and purpose to the way I was living. I learned it was possible to let go the pain of past traumas and come to a place of peace.

-Gillian Hibbs


The courses I did with Sandy were life changing ... during them, I released a lot of pain from my past and learnt the tools to help me to continue to release more, grow spiritually and move forward in my life with far greater ease. I will always be grateful to Sandy for her teachings, knowledge, love and kindness.

-Lynn Sampson, April 29 2020


To whom it may concern I have known Sandy Levey Lunden for close to 8 years. In the last 4 years she not only was a mentor I looked up to but a pillar in our community as well as a internationally recognized leader in her field. Sandy has dedicated her life to helping people overcome there biggest obstacles. She specializes in healing ones heart and soul. When I mean heart and soul I mean she goes to the deepest part of your subconscious mind to help you uncover what’s been holding you back from living a balanced and healthy life. She dives deep down into the depth of your heart to discover the dis-ease that’s been holding you back from being your true authentic self. She uncovers hidden golden nuggets as I like referring to them, meaning pieces of information within our conscious minds hiding from ones self to protect ones nervous system remembering events that have taken place that have caused trauma, fear, and or dis- connection from ones true self and there creator. Sandy specializes in discovering the true cause that needs to be healed from your life circumstances that tend to get pushed down, looked away from and never truly healed. Sandy works with not only emotional upset in ones self but as well as physical pain finding the underline cause and effect, and in most situations helps her clients restore to living a more productive life with advantages of help from other colleagues and friends who work with natural resources and products to help enhance ones life style in a more organic way. The best way to sum up all that Sandy brings to the table is she helps isolate the issue causing the dis-ease in her clients lives teaching them tools and techniques that will enhance and create a more joy filled life. This is achieved by working on the mind body and soul level in union to erase ones egoic damaging toxic thoughts feelings and or beliefs systems. I spent many years beside Sandy healing my own inner core wounds throughout her counseling, coaching and mentoring one on one sessions, workshops and programs. Sandy connected me with holistic individuals within her International community who helped me to recover from severe health conditions, overcome a stroke and taught me how to reconcile with my alienated family with whom I’m extremely close with to this day. I took Sandy’s clearing coaching programs for years and became a coach myself. Her program allowed me to learn the tools that helped me save 5 peoples lives from attempting suicide that were clients of mine. I asked Sandy to officiate my wedding to the man of my dreams that in reality never would have existed if Sandy had not taught me the tools to learn to love myself in order to be fully loved by another. We were married on 911 reversing my husband’s worst day of his life, a survivor of 911 to becoming the best day of his life by expressing the love and gratitude we have for each other throughout the underline teaching principles that ONLY LOVE IS REAL


 -Kelly Brown LaMarche, April 29, 2020


I was able to effectively resolve old core patterns and beliefs and feel true clarity and emotional freedom in a very short amount of time... Sandy works deep and cuts through to the real core/source of the upset and has techniques that work immediately!

-Natalie Klco, April 29, 2020


Working with On Purpose has enabled me to move forward with courage and belief in my life, thanks to Sandy Levey Lunden's expert, compassionate, deep support of me in my personal and professional life.

-Iona Leishman, April 29, 2020


I have been working with Sandy Levey Lunden, first in a client role and later as a committed member of her team. I have loved working with Sandy. Sandy is a dedicated and compassionate healer. She has the ability to zero in on a person's issue with insights and understanding of the human emotional patterns. She is tenacious; she will not give up on a client; not as long as the client is willing to do their part. I enthusiastically recommend Sandy Levey Lunden to anyone!

-Valeria Shahan, April 30, 2020


I do very few testimonials; however, Sandy is an exception without reservation. So you can appreciate the impact of what Sandy has done for me, I give you a little of my history. Oh, by the way, this testimonial is done without favor or monetary value...just love and respect. 1. I was born in 1944 with Narcolepsy, and I was diagnosed at at age 27. 2. On or about 1985, I decided to release myself of this terrible condition. In concert with God-Mind, I was guided to hundreds of workshops on personal spiritual growth for two years, starting with my Native roots (Metis) in a medicine wheel, then with Dr. Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, and several other currently famous people including Louise Hay. 3. In 1987 or thereabouts, I did a workshop called The Art of Personal Marketing with Sandy Levey-Lunden (the last of many workshops with her). This workshop put me over the top! You see, I was and still am very inquisitive and thus asked a lot of questions. In working with Sandy this last time, I was even more of a pain in her neck. Finally while on stage with Sandy Levey-Lunden, it was my turn to get answers on a one-on-one with her. I let go with a whole lot of questions. It is noteworthy to mention here that I had just graduated with a BA in psychology and believed I knew it all. Anyway, in the middle of my ranting, Sandy shouted “STOP!” She stood up, took a giant step toward me and bellowed out loudly, “Raymond, you are addicted to emotional pain!” Then, dead silence. My internal dialogue defies any order of reality, except to say that I found myself stunned, frozen and speechless. I went and sat down muttering to myself, “I am an addiction counsellor! This can't be!” 4. In short, three weeks later I woke up and reached for my calendar. Yes! I obseved, exactly three weeks since I had my last sleep attack...the exact date of Sandy's resounding words...“Raymond, you are addicted to emotional pain!” Again her words came blasting into my consciousness again. 5. I will soon be 76 years old and I have not experienced this incurable disease since 1987 – 37 years ago. Thank you Sandy. I am so grateful for what you did for me that day. Yes, I absolutely recommend Sandy especially for the clearing of any emotional blocks.

-Reverend Raymond J. Pilon, CIMM, UOM, Phd. Candidate, May 1, 2020


Sandy is dedicated to the task of helping people let go of their past traumas and programming to enable them to lead happy and fulfilling lives in harmony with their divine self. Sandy is tenacious in approach and gets results. Sandy follows a heart centered approach creating a safe place for people to be vulnerable and move through their growth.

-Edward Roy Gough, May 4, 2020


Up to 8 years ago ( I was 53) at the time when I first met Sandy and came into contact with her work On Purpose . I was in a emotional , mental and spiritual coma . I was very, very disconnected from Life . On my first session with a small get together in London with Sandy I discovered the meaning of ' intimacy ' and when I say discovered i remember her asking us to sit with anyone in the room and the I sat in front of an elderly lady and Sandy asked a question along the line ' what is there stopping you from being intimate with the person in front of you ? ' I was very moved by this encounter and a new feeling of connection I could not remember surfaced , call it a quality of love ........soon after ... I quickly went on a weekend with a small brave group of individuals and discovered I had a story of being a nobody running me ;I was shocked when this realisation came through and could see in seconds all the contexts that I had betrayed myself time and time again over 53 years . Their was a relief to it when I could see this . Sandy 's work was a turning point for me and over the last 8 years I have bit by bit come alive again . I am radically alive now at times and I think back how I nearly hesitated and held back for nearly a year before making contact with Sandy because I saw her face and judged her happiness at the time ....and did not see her for a year because of my own projection ....I had to learn how to be happy again in a real way , not in some happy clappy way , but real connection to my power and DNA that I was born with . I can't really put it in words really how those early encounters with her and her team created a safe holding enviroment for me to heal and move into my power of being just myself .

-Kevin Sandhu, May 4, 2020

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