The Stories that Help Heal

People from all over the world share their experiences

Keesha Ewers "I would recommend this course to anyone who suffers.."

Naomi "Anyone searching for words to their deep or buried emotions will benefit from the course..."

Denise Briggs "I am now free to live and express life from a place of self empowerment..."

Debbie "I stripped way more layers to uncover the deep-seated block I felt..."

Tina Dorsley
"The clearing process is amazing and extraordinary..."

"What a joy to let go of all the untruths of the past..."

Lynne Thompson "The clearing process gave me a powerful opportunity to express the stories that have entrapped my spirit..."

"I was most impressed with the integrity of the lead trainer, Sandy..."

"I saw how for the past 32 years I had been living a life that was not about what I wanted..."

"The clearing process gave me a powerful way to feel free of my pain..."

"I will recommend this to all of my A Course In Miracles friends because it is the NEXT STEP..."

"I have learned I am Love, I am Innocent, and I want to be innocent..."

I will recommend this to every A Course In Miracles student I know..."

I am grateful for your commitment to such an incredibly empowering process..."

"The Clearing Process is brilliant..."

"I have decided to gather my courage and step into my light..."

"I feel great right now and I know that I will practice the Clearing Process a lot..."

Irene W
"From this course, I gained the tools and scenario practice, with immediately observable results..."

Alexandra W.
"I now know that with the gentle encouragement of a guide, the deeper, subconscious levels of my thinking can be 'interviewed'..."

Oriana H.
"I have overcome many fears, and left behind old self-limiting beliefs..."

Linda J.
"A lot of love and acceptance..."

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