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Spiritual Healing Methods

There are many

spiritual healing methods. There are a multitudinous factors involved with the effectiveness of any one of these healing methods based in the spiritual. The ideal for long-term and effect would be Spritual Practice. This article delves into one very special revolutionary healing method!

A Revolutionary Healing

Modality based on A Course In Miracles      By Janice Edin  

Sandy Levey-Lunden,

creator of the Clearing Process has a purpose.  Her purpose is to train and motivate as many new teachers as possible so that relationships among people everywhere will become more authentic and loving. She means teachers all over the world… And it’s working, just ask any of her students. Awilda Rosario , Social Worker from New York City, who has recently completed a 9 day intensive course reports, “…The clearing process frees me to live the life I have always desired in all areas; relationships, health, creativity, etc.  The best part, for me, is that it is a tremendously gentle, loving and safe process…”  do you mean participants? Sandy’s program works from the Inside-Out, because the trainers are led to understand their own forgiveness process, and be committed to their own personal release of what they are holding as a burden in their  own lives.  In this they can show others by demonstrating that they are willing to do it first.   

We must,

in the words of Gandhi, “We Must Be The Change We Wish To See in The World”  

This program

emphasizes the healing of the self as the ultimate vehicle for healing others. Sandy and her team of senior coaches train groups of students only ten at a time.  And they do this all over the world, wherever, she says, that she is requested. Her purpose here is to ensure that all the students-in-training will receive many hours of personal, in depth, one on one training and counseling support.  

In this modality,

Sandy has created a powerful psycho-spiritual program that can give anyone the motivation and purpose to embrace their own personal process of growth while encouraging the breakthrough of others.  Students in training  ( it seems you are referring to the certification program) learn to access their inner guidance and intuitive abilities, as well as learn the cognitive and theoretical principles of applied learning to become a life coach in The Power Of Clearing Coaching Certification Program . The Power Of Clearing Coaching Certification Program begins with you and extends, through application of the system of Clearing, to teaching other(remove) to teaching others to do the same.  Based on A Course In Miracles, The Clearing Process, developed by Sandy 25 years ago, is a forgiveness process in which the patterns in our lives are laid bare for us to witness.  In it we can choose to forgive what no longer serves us and release it.


The Healing

of the Self is the ultimate vehicle for healing others….  In it we can choose to forgive what no longer serves us and let it go(this is repeated above)  .  Once you have learned The Clearing Process you can apply it to any situation in your life.  It is a simple, yet profound communication process for speaking your total truth, for being acknowledged without judgment, and releasing from the subconscious mind any negative conditioning from your past.  


Mary Kay M.,

  retired Social Worker from Bellingham, WA states, “…I got a lifting of depression, a return of hope and optimism, and a letting go of the past, with a new cast of characters, stories and events.  I received a re-connection with my daughter, Denise .  Knowing each other beyond the superficial ~ a new deep look at who she is and who I am.  I gained a lifetime of forgiveness of myself and a belief in my renewed spirit.  I considered myself “old” in certain ways up until this training.  I decided during the training to start living again!  I am back in my life now!…”  

The Clearing Process

is a therapeutic communication technology that will always work and can only be limited by your ability to be honest with yourself. If you use this process as taught, it works 100% of the time.  The reason it works so well is that it bypasses the conscious mind and goes right to the unconscious where it peels away a layer or more of old conditioning.   

The Power of Clearing

is a simple, yet profound process for speaking your total truth and for being acknowledged for who you are without judgment  (this phrase was already used above underlined in red)  . All conflicts we experience in our relationships are a result of negative past burdens and experiences that we still carry within our minds as individuals from our earliest years . These unresolved issues do not disappear; rather they reappear in a variety of forms within our current relationships, creating issue after issue..they reappear in a variety of forms within our current relationships(this was just said a line above) . We are usually not aware of these patterns and find ourselves confused as another relationship falls into the same negative spin as the one before. The Clearing Process is about shedding light on these patterns to find out what ideas and beliefs create the very foundation of our lives. Once we can see what made us create the life we have right now, we can choose to forgive and let go of the past.      The Clearing Process creates a unique space for honoring all individuals in any relationship by clearing away these past traumas, limiting beliefs and issues which are consciously or unconsciously affecting your relationships.

In  the area of relationship,

The Clearing Process demonstrates how to truly connect with your partner by momentarily dropping your ego boundaries so you can create a joint value system(I'd take this out)  and a joint purpose within your relationship. The result of this powerful process is a deeper communication with yourself and with the other people in your life.  This process is applicable to  professional as well as personal relationships.  Come and experience the Power of Clearing and clear anything in your mind which limits you from feeling love, peace and joy in your life right now.


Sandy Levey-Lunden has

over 25 years of experience training coaches, therapists, and healers around the world, including Sweden, Australia, Germany, England, Hawaii, Canada, and the United States. She is one of the forerunners of transformational thinking and healing, creator of the revolutionary healing modality, the Clearing Process™. Her professional career began in 1979, along with the careers of her friends and colleagues, Shakti Gawain, Chuck Spezanno, Louise Hay, and Justin Sterling.  Sandy's unique approach of combining the healing process of the coach and the client(this needs to be explained further if used) has resulted in thousands of life-changing breakthroughs. JCE, Therapist from Bellingham, Washington reports, “…I see Sandy Levey-Lunden ’s Clearing Process to be a unique opportunity for me to assist in healing the planet of anger and fear and self condemnation, one person and one family at a time.  I trust that using The Clearing Process with my clients/patients is going to be as powerful and healing for them as it has been for me…profoundly spiritual, amazingly unique, fantastic!  I cannot wait !…”


On Forgiveness

and The Power of Clearing Some words from Sandy Levey-Lunden  

“In 1990 I received

the Power of Clearing tool as a direct answer to my desperate request to God for a way to heal all pain and suffering and end separation in relationships after my own husband fell in love with another woman 25 years younger than us. At that time I had been teaching courses for 10 years and I needed an even deeper way to support people in their breakthroughs. While I was living in Sweden, I received the answer to my prayer in the form of this clearing process. I saw, after I received the answer, that the clearing process exactly matched  the principles of A Course in Miracles and began to study the course with my new partner as a way of freeing myself from all pain and suffering in relationships, freeing others and ending separation.  

The Power of Clearing assists

a person in removing the unconscious and conscious guilt  and limiting beliefs from their past. It provides tools for changing the way they view their relationships, finances and personal success. Clearing is the single most useful tool  I have seen for releasing all the limiting beliefs a person thinks, feels or believes. The clearing process is a simple, yet profound tool for speaking your total truth  (this has been used twice already) and releasing your ego thoughts, feelings and beliefs. In the clearing we are confirming the Holy Spirit's truth in every communication.

I have supported over

30,000  people to work with the forgiveness process contained within the clearing process. I have found, in my life, that forgiveness is a deliberate and conscious act. Even though the ego will resist it and try to get a person not to do it, it is the only way home.” For more information go to  or call  866-285-0654 to reserve a spot in an already scheduled course, to set up a course   or to schedule a personal session. * Awilda Rosario reports having supported 5 people in clearing sessions since her return to New York [from Bellingham, WA] a week ago.  She states that these clearings have been profound and deeply meaningful for her clients. **JCE reports having supported a client/patient who has been in therapy with her for 9 months.  The client was able to move forward, process and find relief with regard to a painful breakup of a five year relationship. In addition, the woman was able to  surrender and process deep childhood issues she had with her mother, that up until now she had not been willing to delve into.  The clearing process was immensely positive and intensely healing.

Sandy Levey-Lunden, for more information go to or call (360) 527-2796.  Sandy has many evening presentations and workshops.

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