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TRUE WOMAN’S POWER AND ME: Embracing the Truth of Who I Truly Am

By: Irene Williams


I first met Sandy Levey-Lunden, creator of the Power of Clearing, at a mutual friend’s home in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had prior to meeting Sandy attended one or two meetings of an ACIM study group, which was my initial introduction to ACIM.


I had been raised in a very conservative Protestant church. Through my early exposure to Christianity, and by the example of my mother’s deep unwavering faith in spite of many personal losses, I developed a deep trust in God. I accepted early on without question that all of the experiences in my life were essential and important for my learning. However, as I listened to the many Biblical stories and readings, I was at a loss to truly accept that I was inherently flawed and bad. I simply could not make sense of the mean, angry, vengeful God that I heard about over and over. I felt deeply at one with my Creator, but at complete discord with what I was being taught about Him.


It was at my very first meeting with the ACIM study group that the message I was hearing finally matched the vision I held about God. At last, I was hearing words that truly represented my connection with my God.


Shortly after my introduction to ACIM, I attended the True Woman’s Power weekend at Sandy Levey-Lunden’s home. I had no idea what to expect, and knew very little of Sandy and her Power of Clearing work. I had recently experienced the most heartbreaking profound grief I could imagine, and when I met Sandy, I was still burdened by a great deal of unresolved sadness and grief. I had come to realize that I had no idea what love was, and I felt alone and separate from everyone. I was very judgmental of everything and everyone, myself included.


As I prepared to attend the True Woman’s Power workshop at Sandy’s home in Bellingham, I experienced every possible emotion. At the time, I visualized it as a rainbow of emotions.


I had no idea what might happen that weekend, and to me, it felt like the equivalent of jumping off a cliff, and having virtually no information of what to expect.


My goal for the weekend was to get to the bottom of why I was unable to accept love, and to be freed from whatever it was that seemed to be holding me back from living my life to the fullest, and to be freed from the grief that continued to grip me.


As the women who were attending the weekend workshop assembled for the first meeting of the group, I immediately became aware of my judgment of several of the other women. I felt irritated by some of them, and felt very impatient with the pace at which we were progressing through the meeting. I felt a sense of superiority, and that I grasped concepts much more quickly than most of the other participants. I felt irritated by so many of the women’s preoccupation with their ills, and pains, and traumas. I felt a particular impatience and intolerance with one of the women. With another woman, I felt like an emotional bull compared to her emotional grace. I felt detached and separate from the group.


As the weekend progressed, I came to realize that I had become so accustomed to intellectualizing my emotions – in other words, moving them away from me – that actually recognizing, let alone naming them, had become very foreign to me. Initially, I viewed other group members’ clear recollection of the multitude of hurts and tragedies that had been inflicted upon them as their “wallowing” in the negativity of their life, and their “weakness” in not being able to “get over it” and get on with real life.


Looking back, I can see how imprisoned and joyless my life had become with my heavy judgment of everyone. I can now see how the judgment I projected onto others was merely a reflection of the depth of self-judgment I carried. It’s not surprising that the true beauty and love of all of the participants and coaches, and especially of me, was invisible to me. As the weekend progressed, I began to see the complex journeys that each of us was on, and I began to appreciate the depth of pain each of us carried as a result of events in our earliest childhood, some seemingly very benign and insignificant.


Through Sandy’s inspired direction, and with the assistance of her equally inspired team, I was at long last able to bring to my awareness the early experiences that had so deeply impacted the way I would experience my life.


Through the clearing process, which is based entirely on the teaching principles of ACIM, I was able to see how the beliefs I held about myself were only illusions and interpretations that I had unconsciously accepted, and that I could also choose to correct those illusions.


The Clearing Process™ is a process of forgiveness in which the patterns in our lives are laid bare for us to witness. In it, we can choose to forgive what no longer serves us and let it go. This process can be applied to any situation in life. It is a simple yet profound process for speaking our total truth and for being acknowledged without judgment, and releasing from the subconscious mind any negative conditioning from our past. As these negative feelings and beliefs are released, we are able to realize and then embrace the truth of who we really are.


However, as the weekend progressed, I became aware that I was a “trigger” to some of the women in the group. The ugly head of separation continued to raise its head! I saw this as “their issue”; I didn’t feel triggered!


Again, as the weekend progressed, I came to see that is was my ongoing sense of superiority that was judging them as flawed and stuck in their own self-absorption. Through the clearing process, I was at long last able to see how I had kept myself separate and distant from others as a way of insulating and protecting myself. I was able to release my need to control my life, and to embrace and trust the flow of every life. I came to see that love does not exclude. Only fear stands in the way of all-inclusive love.


Finally, I was able to truly see myself as I had always believed was possible - that I was unlimited love, gentleness, joy and light. At long last, I felt unconditional, unbridled love – towards myself, and towards my entire world. At the conclusion of the True Woman’s Power workshop, we celebrated our journey of the weekend. Each woman reflected her individual growth. For myself, I felt I was at long last taking the steps in experiencing and extending all-encompassing love. I saw each participant and myself with new eyes.


Following the True Woman’s Power weekend, I knew without doubt that I needed to learn more about the clearing process. At long last, I had experienced deep and total release of paralyzing, self-sabotaging negative self-beliefs, and I needed to know more!


I enrolled in Sandy’s 10-day Power of Clearing Coaching Certification Program. During this intense and deeply transformational training, I unpacked and brought to awareness every area of my life where pain, grief, doubt, control, fear and guilt still resided. Through the profound simplicity and deep effectiveness of the clearing process, each of the “stories” of my life was released, one by one. At long last, I let go of my belief in my “smallness”, and in its place I came to see the true unlimited magnificence of not only my self, but every single person I encountered.


To this day, I am filled with stillness of mind and deep, deep peace. I continue to study ACIM and continue to gain a richer sense of oneness and connectedness with the entire Universe. I continue to practice clearing in my own life whenever I sense a shadow fall over my inner peace. My desire to extend love and peace has led me to establish my own practice as a coach, teaching and sharing the clearing process.


In every situation, my guide is always “Teach only love, for that is what you are”. I am not only filled, but overflowing, with gratitude and love. 


The Power of Clearing Process

By Adam S.


One of my very first clearings was about two years ago. In that first clearing there were a couple things that came up for healing. The most notable theme that kept recurring was my relationships with my sister Sarah, my caretakers and my step dad Erik. It was very difficult and scary to be completely open and express very intimate and private things to a stranger (my Power of Clearing coach). As she started to talk about my caregivers and how they take care of me, I started to retrace it back to my past.


One of the first things that came to me was all my caregivers who took care of me. The caregivers that came to my mind were female and their names were Meggie and Tracy. As the power of clearing coach was guiding me through the clearing process by suggesting scenarios of what might have happened, I started to think how these two female caregivers were related to my story and started to clear, or bring up, painful issues with my relationship with each one of them. I went deeper into my mind and thought of my accident when I was in the hospital. I remember being so attracted to all the female nurses that would take care of me there. The feeling I would get when one of the female nurses would get close to my body would make me sexually aroused.


I felt this feeling in the Clearing Process. As I was sharing this to my power of clearing coach Ahna, I felt a strong sense of me wanting a nurse next to me and being romantically intimate with her. I went deeper and felt the deep anger towards Meggie, one of my caregivers, because she did not have romantic feelings towards me even though I did for her. I went even deeper and felt pain, suffering, and rage towards my dad for stealing Tracy, my other caregiver, away from me. I felt feelings of abandonment that Tracy abandoned me and chose to be with my dad. I went even deeper in the clearing with my coach and traced it back further to feelings I had for my sister Sarah. I paused for a moment and a voice within said ‘NO do not share this!’


In that moment, I felt terribly guilty and a huge weight on my shoulders; a weight and burden that I kept locked inside for almost 25 years. I had never shared what happened to me with Sarah with anyone and here I was resisting with all my might not share it! Then all the sudden the words came out of me “I had sex with my sister Sarah” and for one split second I said to myself this is it - this is the end; now I’m going to be in big trouble! However, after that split second a beautiful white Light filled my sight. I saw my coach in front of me in this white Light. She was completely immersed in it and I felt such a sense of calm, peace and joy. 


I couldn’t believe what was happening, but all I knew was I was not guilty and felt truly Happy. The guilt I was holding on to for such a long time was gone and I felt so much freedom! With that first clearing I did with my Power of Clearing coach, especially the past and present connections that I made AND the huge burden that was released, I had some great momentum for going deeper into my healing process. I continued my work with Sandy Levey a few months after that first clearing and we went further into the issue with Sarah. I started to connect the issue with her to issues that i did not know i had with my mom. As I was going deeper in clearing, I was starting to see faces I knew from my past on Sandy’s face. I saw my mom, grandma and other familiar faces I knew and I didn’t even know their names.


It was scary at times, because I felt like I was almost hallucinating. I shared this with Sandy and she said that it was fairly common. I felt more frustrated and more fear with Sandy then my previous power of clearing coach Ahna. She asked me why and I told her that she reminded me a lot of my biological brother and mom. We went into that further and started to clear on it. Issues about safety and security came up for me. My mom and biological brother are both in a sense my security. My mom provides me with the motherly love and financial security and my brother also represents financial security.


There was a big awareness in my mind that they were my God and Source and that they provided everything for me. As I looked deeper into my mind, I felt at some level that my mom was at the heart of the issue with all of these ego feelings. I wasn’t able to put my finger on it or really understand it, but I felt uneasiness inside.


My next set of clearings happened in the Power of Clearing Certification Program in Santa Cruz, Ca. The 10 day workshop/retreat was an intensive process of completely exposing oneself in a safe environment while trusting in your Inner Teacher. Issue after issue came up for healing. I had never been through an intensive program like this before. In addition, all of the people that were in the program were living together in the same house which made it interesting and difficult all at the same time. I felt this way because I had to constantly watch my mind and pay attention to what I was feeling. It was a 24-hour day job watch in my mind, however it was very rewarding when I would have big insights and aha moments.


There was a person in the program with me that reminded me a lot of my sister. She reminded me of things I felt towards my sister and I projected them towards her. I felt feelings of abandonment, unworthiness, insecurity, fear, and uneasiness. I had to work through these feelings the whole time I was there at the retreat. I even had to do a clearing with her and it felt very uncomfortable like I wasn’t worthy of doing this. I felt like if I did something wrong she would leave me just like Sarah and my mom did in the past. Also, there was a huge amount of guilt when I had to look at her face-to-face eyes to eyes and Clear with her not knowing at the time that ultimately I was clearing the stories I made up about my sister, my mom and everyone else from my past. There was one moment when she took off her sweatpants because she was hot in the sun. I was extremely uncomfortable and felt feelings of guilt from what I did to Sarah in the past. It was a reminder of me taking Sarah’s pants off when I would have sex with her. This young woman that I was Clearing with had a bikini swimsuit underneath her sweatpants, which put me at some ease but still felt uncomfortable.


I even shared these feelings of shame, guilt, abandonment and fear with my coach Ahna and we dove into those feelings to find out what was truly underneath them. As I started to look at them, they traced back to my past, I felt and heard “you don’t have permission”. The woman that I was clearing with triggered me and brought up past emotions with Sarah and I, specifically the emotions i hold inside of me of not getting permission from her to have sex with her. I went deeper and felt denial and rejection from my mom. As I was able to feel that for a couple moments, I realized it wasn’t about the woman I was clearing with, my caregivers, or my sister; it was really about my relationship with my mom! I was able to connect the pieces between my caregivers, Sarah and my mom. I experienced a great feeling after that clearing session and had some really good insights into my past.


In this 10 day workshop I also had the opportunity to role-play. The role-play that was acted out was how my biological family would react to me when I told them that I had sex with Sarah, my sister. Everyone that was participating in the retreat got to play someone in my family. The woman that I cleared with earlier that reminded me of Sarah played her in the role play. It was the first time that I got to tell to a group of people that I had sex with Sarah and see their reactions. What was even more scary was that these people were playing my biological family; to see their reactions brought up the scariest and most fearful emotions that were going through my mind at the time. I felt that I was going to be in big trouble for something I was not supposed to do. As the role-play was acted out, I felt tension and uneasiness, however eventually I got to see the absurdity of the situation. I still felt guilt and a little shame, but once again I felt some weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt more deeply that maybe it wasn’t my fault and maybe I wasn’t guilty.


I continue to do clearings with Sarah and my mom. However, just recently I have had new insights and awareness about the situation with my sister, caregivers, and my mom, and am retracing back the emotional trauma of the recurring stories with them.


It also became clear that my next step in healing these issues was to have a conversation with my sister. Before I did this it was very important to Clear on it with one of my Power of Clearing coaches and then to meditate and give it over to Holy Spirit. I told Holy Spirit “Speak through me. Use the words that are most helpful and healing for Sarah and me. I surrender my agenda. Be You in charge.”


I felt ready and more empowered to speak with her. Our conversation centered around what happened over 20 years ago. I started off by asking her if she remembered our sexual interactions when we were children. Right away she responded with “What are you talking about?” I asked her again in a different way to see if she could remember and again she said “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Then she asked me why I was asking her this. I told her it was important for me to know if she remembered anything. My intention was not to push her P a g e | 4 ©On Purpose 2014 (866) 285-0654 for an answer, but to see if she could recollect a memory. I must admit that I was hoping she would say “I do remember that time...” Unfortunately this did not happened and she said “I was molested by Erik and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” After that, she told me to not talk to him about this, because she doesn’t want to ‘stir the pot’ and cause drama. She said this was all crazy and she didn’t have the same memory recollection that I did. She told me she had repressed all of this and it made her sick that I brought it up. As the phone call was coming to an end, I said “I am here for you Sarah and am your brother and always love you.” Her reaction wasn’t warm and she said “I am dumbfounded as to why you brought all of this up.” It ended with me saying “I’ll be here and we’ll talk again sometime soon.”


Once I got off the phone, I felt a sense of peace and freedom. I spoke with Sarah for about 45 minutes and the beginning of the conversation was very difficult for me. However as the conversation continued, I felt confidence and Strength from something somewhere deep within Myself. I wasn’t afraid to face my fear anymore. I knew I wasn’t alone and that Holy Spirit was with me. I had to Trust in Him. A couple of days after I spoke to her I did some contemplation and sat with the feelings. I realized I had an agenda and wanted in some way to get an answer or for her to remember we had those sexual interactions. I felt I was judging myself for believing there was an agenda. I did feel guilty about it, but Cleared on it and felt much better. I realized every situation is for my healing including this situation. At first it was difficult to realize this, but then I came to a greater understanding of why it happened and how blessed I am to have this forgiveness opportunity.


To help in my healing process, I am going to be using homeopathy under the guidance of homeopathic health and wellness consultant Sharon Richlark in addition to continuing Sandy Levey Lunden’s Power of Clearing process to help in my healing process. My intention is to heal on all levels mind and body and use both Sharon and Sandy’s work to allow me to feel free by releasing all emotional trauma from my past. This includes my accident (breaking my neck), looking for love and security in my caregivers, my pursuit of unhealthy romantic relationships, guilt about having sex with Sarah, and the abandonment issue/not getting the love I should have gotten from my mom. Thank you for reading this.

Power of Clearing Coaching Certification Program Testimonial

By Joan Trinh Pham

What exactly did you get out of this course?


  • I learned about a very simple, potent and effective method to become aware of negative subconscious patterning which creates outcomes in my life that I do not like and do not want to take responsibility for.

  • I became aware of the amazing creative responsibility I have for all the pain, suffering, peace and joy in my life. This is wonderfully empowering because the clearing process gives me a tool to clear illusions I want to let go of and cultivate Truth.

  • Through experiencing and using this tool I cleared a tremendous amount of guilt, fear and feelings of worthlessness which had all been internalized through emotional traumas from a very young age

  • I regained, in a very deep and visceral way, feelings of safety and the knowledge that I am innocent, perfect, whole and complete just as I am.

  • I confronted my pattern of just making enough money to survive and released the guilt and fear that I had come to associate with personal abundance

  • I have become much more precise, committed and present in my language and communication

  • I have become aware of my deeply internalized voice of criticism and judgment (Ego) and now can employ the loving, neutral voice of my Watcher to acknowledge and appreciate the ego voice

  • With the voice of my Watcher, I am much more able to make conscious choices of how to direct my attention and energy in thought, word and deed. This allows me to respond consciously to life rather than to react impulsively to life

  • In recognizing how I create my own suffering by projecting my beliefs onto others, I am now able to feel much more connected to people in my life, honoring them for their amazing role in helping me to learn about myself and clear up negative beliefs

  • I gained a deep appreciation for the healing power of presence, eye contact and listening deeply. I feel confident in offering it to others both in everyday interactions and in holding space as a Clearing Coach

  • I deepened my appreciation for the body. Though it is also from the world of illusion, the body is an amazing conduit of feelings which help me to discern in each moment Big ‘T’ from little ‘t’(feelings of lightness and expansion vs feelings of darkness and contraction)

  • I learned that I am limitless and abundant. Specifically, it is possible for me to make a joyful living doing something that is creative and healing (being an artist/hand analyst/coach). I released the belief that to be loved, accepted and respected by my parents, I would have to struggle to earn money doing work I do not care for.

  • I have learned to be much more loving, kind and gentle with myself knowing that the work of life is to love imperfection by living little ‘t’ and Big ‘T’ in the most transparent awareness (to myself and others) as possible

  • I now have a concise, clear language to articulate and navigate my reality. For example: The Truth is that I am an expression of love, one and the same as every person in my life. Any upsets I encounter in my life are rich learning opportunities to clear false beliefs that keep me separate and suffering instead of my natural state which is to be in communion and at peace.


How will you use what you learned from the course to change your life?


  • I have learned that the Universe and all of life conspires to help us humans return to our natural, beautiful, unique and perfect way of being. This knowledge will help ground me when I notice that I am acting out of fear rather than love - always I want to be motivated by love

  • I have learned the value of clarity and specificity and will use the most clear, specific language I have in speaking. This can be specifically applied to being very specific about what I want / truly desire in my heart and visioning it clearly.

  • I have learned that the essence of communication is intention. This will change my life by my mindful intention to be heard and seen in the full expression of who I am

  • I have started a personal practice of reading the ACIM lessons every morning to gently train my mind to return to big ‘T’

  • I am now aware that hurts and upsets in life are opportunities to clear false beliefs. Instead of getting lost in the suffering of my upsets, I now can acknowledge them and clear them as they come up.


  • I have learned that I am safe be courageous and take risks in my life in expressing what is true for me in the moment and taking action that feels most authentic. This is a way of allowing me to be friends with my fear. Beyond my fear I choose to be epic and grand, a creative, unique facet of Love itself.

  • I will use the clearing tool in order to free myself from pain and suffering created by perpetuating illusions of separation and guilt.

  • I will practice every day to know, trust, embrace and live my wants, knowing they also come from Big ‘T’

  • I have learned to offer up all my intentions and wants to the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit guide me to listen and act from Big ‘T’

  • My life is changed by knowing I can release the illusions of guilt, scarcity and suffering. My birthright and natural state is innocence, abundance, peace and joy. My intention is to reflect this Big ‘T’ truth in how i live in the world


What concrete 5 steps will you take in the next month to change your life that will demonstrate and put the course in action with your life?

  • I will call 5 friends that I have identified with specific reasons on how they may benefit from this work by January 19, 2014. I will enroll them to experience this work. I intend to count these sessions towards my Power of Clearing Coaching Certification

  • Every morning until March 30, 2014 I will spend at least 10 minutes in quiet asking the question “What do I truly desire at this moment?”

  • I will make a commitment to with one of my POCCCP or Choosing Freedom classmates to do a clearing check-in monthly

  • I will write a blog post about my experience at POCCCP and express my truth about the transformative experience by January 13, 2014

  • I will have a conversation with my mom, dad and uncle about what I learned, to share with them my learning and joy by January 31, 2014


Would you recommend anyone to the course? Why?


  • Absolutely yes. POCCCP provides participants with a powerful, concrete tool that aims to heal and strengthen one’s mind through experiencing it directly. The transformative, shared journey to learn the clearing process and share it with others is an invaluable investment.

My Guinea Pig Story

By Anna B.

When I was two, I had a pet guinea pig that I loved. To really pamper my guinea pig, I put "cream" and "baby powder" on its furry bottom – which was actually flour from the kitchen as much butter as I dared to steal from the fridge. But he didn't like it at all, no matter how much I put on him. He ran out of his nest and through every room. I followed with more powder; I must have been out of control by the time my mother yelled. 

She could not have been happy with the flour that followed the guinea pig trail, along every wall and through every room. Although I remember the unusual sight of white dust on the floor, the thing that struck me most was that I had done something bad. My mother told me I was a monster to powder a defenseless pet and run the animal through the apartment. She picked up the guinea pig. I saw its beautiful eyes, realizing they too were full of flour, before my mother forcefully washed him in the kitchen sink. The pet protested. It seemed to scream. I didn't dare stay and see what was happening and went and hid myself. 

I think my mother took the pet away after that. I never asked. As a young child I often though of the guinea pig and made up that I was a monster compared to my small friend with the beautiful black eyes. Today, some fifty years later, I remind myself that it’s a story. Like the many stories I made up, this one only served to prove my guilt and create the theme of my life, that of separations.

As we remind each other that love is all there ever was, and all there is, the story ends. With it ends all stories that only look on the surface, rather than the innocence and peace that is our true nature. 

My Clearing on Bobby the Bunny

By Angela Hahn

The power of The Clearing Process always amazed me during the POCCC course. Perhaps the most amazing ego story that linked in with my core beliefs, though, was the one I had held onto for over 30 years about my rabbit, Bobby.

I was given Bobby by a family who were friends and who bred rabbits and ate them too. I was delighted to have Bobby – I must have been about 9 years old and Bobby was a birthday present. Although Bobby lived in a hutch and our back garden, he often managed to escape and was found in the next door field or on the building site at the back of our garden. My dad put a collar on him with a long chain to stop him escaping.

I went away on a short holiday (I think it was with the Guides [Girl Scouts]) and when I returned home, Bobby had gone. I asked my parents where he was and they told me they had given him back to the family who bred him. They laughed about it. I believed that the family would kill him and eat him and was extremely upset. This experience reinforced a number of already well-established beliefs about myself: that I was not important (in my family) and that my needs and wants would not be met (by others). It also echoed my belief that I was powerless and worthless, that I was not going to be cared for by anyone and was unable to care for others properly. I also believed that I was unable to protect or save others. Underlying this was a very strong belief that I was not lovable or worthy of love. 

The Clearing Process allowed me to fully release the pain and sadness of this experience and let go of my feelings of blame towards my parents and myself. 

I now feel a complete sense of peace with this episode of my life, not just on an intellectual level, but a deep sense within. I know this because I am able to speak of it with no emotional charge or ‘mind chatter’. I can even smile about the extraordinarily creative part of me that shows me what I believe my world to be!!

The Healing Love of Darshan Zenith

By Dominick Manetti

In mid July, I went to the emergency room in severe pain. A knee problem that first arose at 16 acted up again, extra cartilage behind my left knee cap formed into a Popliteal cyst several centimeters in diameter. The Ortho Doctor on duty in the Emergency Room at St. Joseph’s hospital confirmed my suspicions, but two weeks later when I returned for an MRI every trace of the cyst had vanished. The intent of this testimonial is to offer a possible explanation that, while it certainly is not the only one, may help those in similar or worse circumstances. First I would like to provide some background information about myself. 

My name is Dominick, I am 23 years old. I have been studying metaphysics and healing for nine years. My tutelage began in late 1999 under the watchful eye of my first teacher, a man named Taylen. It was he who first introduced the concept of body bending to the true will of spirit, of properly interpreting and directing energy to aid physical ailments. Among other things, he taught me that pain and sickness in the body may be indicative of other, less obvious problems, by addressing these issues, some sicknesses could be dealt with practically immediately. I did not have much understanding of his teachings at the time, though I feel I have kept them with me all these years and allowed them to unfold as my ability to comprehend it has deepened.

This summer between my E.R. visit and flawless M.R.I. I was lucky enough to have an encounter with an inspirational healer named Darshan Zenith. I was very anxious of this meeting, this was one of the rare days that I had taken pain medication; as such I was very out of sorts, but he recognized this immediately and over tea did his best to put me at ease. We talked briefly about my condition, its symptoms and history, and Darshan’s work. He told me that though he had helped countless individuals, his greatest challenge was teaching people that his talents were in fact not unique, that every person contained within them the potential to heal.

After a brief meditative moment he explained to me that my pain, was my body’s way of showing me that it was suffering from a lack of love, manifested in this cyst. He then sat down and outlined a procedure to help me deal with this problem. First, he said, I needed to objectify my pain in order to understand it. We practiced with a few basic objects, the couch cushions, a coffee mug, a spoon. The exercise consisted of harnessing my higher consciousness to observe the objects, free from any preconceived notions or ego-mind pattern explanations. In other words, when examining the spoon I willfully allowed myself to forget everything I knew about the object, focusing instead on its characteristics and purpose. Darshan explained that in this way I could confront the cyst in my knee by moving my consciousness through my body; before then however I would have to forget everything I had been told about the condition. Instead I needed to purely examine it, probe it with my minds eye, fully look at and embrace it.

Admittedly, this was difficult to do. The process of moving the minds eye through the body to see its energy pools and flow is a basic principle of Reiki healing that I am familiar with. I have never had a problem performing these exercises on other people, but when I moved my consciousness through my leg I encountered a serious problem. Pooled around the rather large cyst was a tremendous clog of knotted, thick energy. When I finally was able to ease through it slowly and carefully, it was as though a light switch within me had been flipped. I objectively witnessed the “cause” of my pain, understood at once how my knee had been literally growing cartilage to pool it together. Darshan gave me an intensely personal tarot card reading before explaining the next step. He said in order to make the cyst pass, I needed to forgive my body for acquiring this ailment. Next, I needed to forgive my body for extrapolating the problem into something insurmountable that could not be overcome. This is the greatest fallacy the medical profession has impressed upon all of us from a very young age and learning its incorrectness is an invaluable tool in metaphysical healing. As my first teacher told me many years ago, there is no problem faith cannot solve, no wall too high for the divine in us to climb. By accepting my ability to heal, I had already effectively reduced the problem, though it would not pass until I completed the work that needed to be done. 

The last thing Darshan said I needed to do was love and cherish this pain itself, to hold it and finally, to dismiss it with the notion that it had fulfilled its purpose and was no longer needed. 

The most important element in this process has been Faith. After Darshan left, it took me about three days to complete all of the exercises he outlined for me and to understand how they worked. I could feel the cyst pass away immediately once I finished doubting myself. In the new testament (King James Version) Book of Luke, Ch. 17 V. 6, Jesus says “if ye had faith [the size of] a mustard seed, ye might say unto this [mighty] tree, be though plucked up by the root, and be though planted in the sea, and it will obey you.” Different translations of this passage infer that the “tree” image might actually be a reference to a nearby mountain, which might further emphasize the point, but the difference is purely semantic. Jesus isn’t speaking metaphorically here, but literally of the power of faith. 

With one pure iota of faith, things thought impossible will suddenly become commonplace. I could have used my energy to push and pull and prod at that cyst for years, but until the moment I embraced pure faith that my intentions would be honored and carried out, my healing could not have occurred. I still deal with some minor tenderness and tightness in my hamstring that remains in the wake, but considering the cyst vanished in less than two weeks without a doctor to explain how or why it happened, I consider the experience to be a positive one. If there is anything my various teachers have instilled in me, if there is anything I would hope to pass on to one of my students, it is this: Never forget that through love, hope and faith, all things are possible. 

For more info about Darshan Zenith, visit

Ego & Spirit: A Story

By Tami Visser

Ego and Suppressed Spirit lived together in a small, little house in a dark, dark, land. Ego was the boss; very loud and clear. He ran the show and took great delight in telling Suppressed Spirit how to feel and that the world outside was big and scary. He would say to Spirit, “I am all powerful, I am strong. I will protect you. Do not wander far because the Watcher may follow you back and then we surely both shall die.”

So for a long time Suppressed Spirit played happily under Ego’s watchful eye. Sometimes while she was playing all be her self she would see a light in the distance. It gave her comfort to see the light. Sometimes the light came closer and it made her feel curious. So she began to ask others about the light. Some people seemed very familiar with it and other very fearful. In books she read that some people lived in a land enveloped in the light all the time and she wondered to herself how that must feel.

Ego got very angry when she asked questions about the light. “Why do you want to know about the light? Don’t you think I am doing a good job taking care of you? Shame on you!” But even with the Ego’s presence, Spirit still felt alone.

So she began a journey to go to the land of light. She read books, and looked for guides along the way. She found out that there were lots of helpful people who could show her the way to the land of light. Eventually she met a group of loving people who not only knew about the land of the light, but they had the light shining in their eyes and were not afraid to venture into the land of darkness. In fact, they didn’t even seem to see the darkness. She asked them to teach her how to see the light all the time. They did, and she found she saw Ego in a very different way now too.

A new friend called The Watcher then seemed to be with her all the time. Watcher helped her be aware of Ego and the ways he tried to get her to come back to the dark little house in the land of darkness. With Watcher she was able to see the light everywhere, and it made her feel so full and connected to everything that she wanted to share what she learned with everyone.

Unsure, but with the light to guide her way and the Watcher by her side, she was able to help others in the darkness to see the light that is always shining on them.

Relationships CAN Work!

By Betty Seise

I can’t believe it was just two short months ago that I was in turmoil and so much pain with a broken heart. I was reeling from the feelings I felt after breaking off an engagement to be married, having already failed at two marriages. What and how was I supposed to tell my children this time? How many times can I show them how to fail, that relationships are hopeless? As it is, they refuse to date after witnessing their father and me failing at relationship after relationship. Have we ruined their chances for happiness? Will WE ever experience successful, long-term relationships ourselves, or are we doomed to repeating our mistakes and experiencing the pain of failure again and again? 

I was trying to plan an escape from my pain and thinking of where I could run to this time. It was just becoming apparent at the time that I had been running away from my pain and searching for peace; had caused my children and family a lot of upset and have spent a lot of time, energy and money doing so. I was taking my morning walk and feeling very lonely, confused and hurt when I began listening to a CD for the second time. This CD led me to Sandy Levey-Lunden and the answers I so desperately needed. 

The CD, “Relationship as a Path to Enlightenment” by Sandy Levey-Lunden, really spoke to me this time. Sandy Levey-Lunden is interviewed on the CD and she clearly explains why relationships are so difficult and painful. She talks about the roles we put our partners in without their knowing it and then make a case against them and begin separating ourselves from them when they fail us in one of these roles. Instead of offering our partners unconditional love, we have many expectations of them, which set up the relationship for failure. Instead of offering our partners love and encouragement, we blame them for things we perceived them to have done. It appears we pick the same type of partner, over and over again, and we do, but not for the reasons we think. These people have scars or traumas caused by past experiences which trigger OUR issues that have yet to be healed. They help us to get our past pain and suffering to resurface again and again, giving us opportunities to heal the wounds. Unless we understand this, when we are “triggered” by something they say or do, we unwittingly blame them for the pain that has resurfaced. This blame game works only to destroy our relationships. 

Up until now, we have been talking about romantic relationships, but any relationship can be affected by our past wounds, causing triggers, fighting and turmoil. 

Sandy Levey-Lunden is an international leader, speaker and very skilled counselor who has assisted over 30,000 people worldwide in transforming their lives regarding relationships and personal power. She has created a Clearing Process based upon the book “A Course in Miracles,” that is easy to teach and incredibly effective in helping people “clear” their traumas that have blocked them from having the peace, happiness and success they crave and deserve. Sandy offers many different courses that are designed to offer immediate relief to those who attend. She lovingly opens up her heart to everyone and anyone who wants or needs her help. She is committed to helping as many people as possible, seemingly works non-stop, always giving to others, and deserves our support. 

As for me, in just a few days, I have cleared myself of my mistrust of men; the belief that it is my job to merely subsidize the household which limited the amount of money I should earn; the belief that I had to pick men for partners who I felt needed to be fixed to make up for my guilt; and any notions of scarcity. I have even used the Clearing Process to clear myself of an asthma attack in a few minutes that normally would have made me feel miserable for at least a full day. 

These Clearings have given me my independence and peace of mind. I am ready to face life’s challenges and not run from them; I no longer view marriage as a death trap and feel I am now capable of having a deeper, more intimate relationship with a man; I have a genuine desire to find an emotionally healthy partner who is an equal to me; I have no negative feelings or biases toward men in general; I have learned how to give to others without sacrificing myself; I am able to offer unconditional love to others; I have faith in myself and God; and I now feel I have the tools and clarity I need to have a successful relationship in the future. 

Lastly, I have also witnessed some wonderful transformations in two dear friends I brought to see Sandy for one of her one-day workshops. The Clearing Process has literally saved one friend’s life already. Because of this amazing Clearing Process, we now have the hope and confidence to welcome each new day as the miracle that it is, and we will use this tool to prove to ourselves that relationships can work after all!

Who or What is The Holy Spirit?

By David Paul and Candace Doyle

Authors of The Journey That Never Was: a guide to hearing God’s Voice regardless of one’s faith, religion, or personal beliefs

DavidPaul and Candace Doyle have been hearing and sharing the Voice of the Holy Spirit as a discernible, conversational Voice for the past 11 years. Their new book, The Journey That Never Was, weaves their personal stories of hearing this Voice with step-by-step exercises from the Holy Spirit to help all people hear God’s Voice with the specificity and clarity they desire. 

Question: Who or What is the Holy Spirit? 

Holy Spirit: “Once upon a non-time, there was God. Then God’s Child, an aspect of God, a part of the whole, had the thought that it could do something on its own, that somehow it could be separate from the whole. In that instant the ego was made, which is ultimately just a way of thinking that supports that part of God in believing that it is separate from the whole. That is all the ego is, and the only purpose it fulfills is the constant reminder of the illusion that that piece of God is separate from its Oneness, that there is no Oneness, and that it is on its own. 

“As God noticed this aspect of Itself holding this thought and saw the ego coming alive to reinforce that thought, God simultaneously created the Holy Spirit, not as a counter to the ego, but as a cure—to hold Truth within the mind as well, so that either would be available at any given time. There cannot be an opposite to what does not exist, but there can be a Truth to prove the inexistence of what is not, and that is the relationship of the Holy Spirit to the ego.

“God, in His Perfection, is not capable of recognizing the ego and the errors in thinking that go with the ego, yet God can be aware of a need in His Child. God had the understanding that at some point that aspect of Itself would tire of the thought that It is separate from the whole, and when It did, when It became so tired from that thought, It would have the Holy Spirit to gently guide it back to the Truth of its Oneness. 

“The ego has a full-time job holding the perspective that one can be separate from its Creator. The ego’s full-time job is to convince you that you are on your own, alone, roaming the world, and that you are never truly connected, united, or one with anything. That is the ego’s number one job. It is diligent, hardworking, and loyal to its purpose, and it will fight to the end to do its job to convince you that you are separate. 

“The Holy Spirit was given to each of God’s children by God, put within each one, and is now a part of them. It is not to think that the Holy Spirit is separate from you, is really only a part of God, or will one day be separate because, in Truth, the Holy Spirit is now part of you. It has now been blended and melted into you. It is there as a constant resource, companion, and speaker of Truth no matter what you think you have done, what you think you are doing, and what you think you might do. The Holy Spirit holds no judgments, never condemns, and only remembers your true Perfection. In that is the impossibility of sin or anything related to it.”

The Awakening

By anonymous

A time comes in your life when you finally "get it"...When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out - ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on. And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and through a mantle of wet lashes you begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening.

You realize that it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over the next horizon. 

You come to terms with the fact that he is not Prince Charming and you are not Cinderella and that in the real world there aren't always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and that any guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with you and in the process a sense of serenity is born of acceptance. 

You awaken to the fact that you are not perfect and that not everyone will always love, appreciate or approve of who or what you are...and that's OK. (They are entitled to their own views and opinions.) 

And you learn the importance of loving and championing yourself and in the process a sense of new found confidence is born of self-approval. You stop complaining and blaming other people for the things they did to you (or didn't do for you) and you learn that the only thing you can really count on is the unexpected. You learn that people don't always say what they mean or mean what they say and that not everyone will always be there for you and that it's not always about you. So, you learn to stand on your own and to take care of yourself and in the process a sense of safety and security is born of self-reliance. 

You stop judging and pointing fingers and you begin to accept people as they are and to overlook their shortcomings and human frailties and in the process a sense of peace and contentment is born of forgiveness. You realize that much of the way you view yourself, and the world around you, is as a result of all the messages and opinions that have been ingrained into your psyche. And you begin to sift through all the crap you've been fed about how you should behave, how you should look and how much you should weigh, what you should wear and where you should shop and what you should drive, how and where you should live and what you should do for a living, who you should sleep with, who you should marry and what y our should expect of a marriage, the importance of having and raising children or what you owe your parents. 

You learn to open up to new worlds and different points of view. And you begin reassessing and redefining who you are and what you really stand for. You learn the difference between wanting and needing and you begin to discard the doctrines and values you've outgrown, or should never have bought into to begin with and in the process you learn to go with your instincts. 

You learn that it is truly in giving that we receive. And that there is power and glory in creating and contributing and you stop maneuvering through life merely as a "consumer" looking for your next fix. You learn that principles such as honesty and integrity are not the outdated ideals of a bygone era but the mortar that holds together the foundation upon which you must build a life. 

You learn that you don't know everything; it's not your job to save the world and that you can't teach a pig to sing. You learn to distinguish between guilt and responsibility and the importance of setting boundaries and learning to say NO. You learn that the only cross to bear is the one you choose to carry and that martyrs get burned at the stake. 

Then you learn about love. Romantic love and familial love. How to love, how much to give in love, when to stop giving and when to walk away. You learn not to project your needs or your feelings onto a relationship. 

You learn that you will not be more beautiful, more intelligent, more loveable or important because of the man on your arm or the child that bears your name. 

You learn to look at relationships as they really are and not as you would have them be. You stop trying to control people, situations and outcomes. You learn that just as people grow and change so it is with love...and you learn that you don't have the right to demand love on your terms...just to make you happy. And, you learn that alone does not mean lonely...And you look in the mirror and come to terms with the fact that you will never be a size 5 or a perfect 10 and you stop trying to compete with the image inside your head and agonizing over how you "stack up." 

You also stop working so hard at putting your feelings aside, smoothing things over and ignoring your needs. You learn that feelings of entitlement are perfectly OK...and that it is your right to want things and to ask for the things that you want...and that sometimes it is necessary to make demands. 

You come to the realization that you deserve to be treated with love, kindness, sensitivity and respect and you won't settle for less. And, you allow only the one who cherishes you to glorify you with their touch...and in the process you internalize the meaning of self-respect. And you learn that your body really is your temple. And you begin to care for it and treat it with respect. You begin eating a balanced diet, drinking more water and taking more time to exercise. You learn that fatigue diminishes the spirit and can create doubt and fear. So you take more time to rest. And, just as food fuels the body, laughter fuels our soul. So you take more time to laugh and to play. You learn, that for the most part, in life you get what you believe you deserve...and that much of life truly is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

You learn that anything worth achieving is worth working for and that wishing for something to happen is different from working toward making it happen. More importantly, you learn that in order to achieve success you need direction, discipline and perseverance. You also learn that no one can do it all alone and that it's OK to risk asking for help. 

You learn that the only thing you must truly fear is the great robber baron of all time...FEAR itself. You learn to step right into and through your fears because you know that whatever happens you can handle it and to give in to fear is to give away the right to live life on your terms. And you learn to fight for your life and not to squander it living under a cloud of impending doom. 

You learn that life isn't always fair, you don't always get what you think you deserve and that sometimes bad things happen to unsuspecting, good people. On these occasions you learn not to personalize things. You learn that God isn't punishing you or failing to answer your prayers. It's just life happening. And you learn to deal with evil in its most primal state - the ego. You learn that negative feelings such as anger, envy and resentment must be understood and redirected or they will suffocate the life out of you and poison the universe that surrounds you. You learn to admit when you are wrong and to build bridges instead of walls. You learn to be thankful and to take comfort in many of the simple things we take for granted, things that millions of people upon the earth can only dream about, a full refrigerator, clean running water, a soft warm bed, a long hot shower. 

Slowly, you begin to take responsibility for yourself by yourself and you make yourself a promise to never betray yourself and to never ever settle for less than your heart's desire. 

And you hang a wind chime outside your window so you can listen to the wind. And you make it a point to keep smiling, to keep trusting and to stay open to every wonderful possibility. Finally, with courage in your heart and with God by your side you take a stand, you take a deep breath and you begin to design the life you want to live as best as you can


"What is Your Love Strategy?" A Day with Patch Adams

By Charlie Cantrell

Yesterday, I met a man who is changing the world. Dr. Patch Adams. You know, the Doc, Robin Williams played in the movie. The guy is off the charts plugged in! If you ever get a chance to attend one of his workshops, run, don’t walk to get there. If you are familiar with his story, you will know that he was a renegade med student and after becoming a licensed physician he vowed to begin his own hospital where no one would ever have to pay for care. He believes that medical care should be free as a service to humanity. He began his work immediately upon becoming a physician by inviting patients into his home. For twelve years he lived in six bed room home with his wife and two children along with four other physicians………oh yes and from as many as fifty patients, homeless people and other assorted needy folks a night. He never turned anyone away and never charged a penny for care during these years. He treated tens of thousands of patients out of service and love with nothing asked in return. He never has taken medical insurance or carried malpractice insurance because he does not believe in the oppressive nature of insurance. It is built on mistrust and fear. The opposite of what he gives, love and care. He has never be sued. Patch was raised by his mother, a school teacher. A woman he says he never once heard raise her voice, or get angry and anything or anyone, ever. He said he never heard her ever say a bad word about anyone, belittle anyone or pass judgment on anyone. Ever. His father was killed in the military when he was six. He loathes the concept of military and war and says he will not rest until no one on this planet can remember what the word war means. The day he looks forward to is the day when people will have to go to the archives to look up the word war and the definition will be something like this…. War is where rich people of one country send their poor people to murder the poor people of another country and the rich people of the winning country gets to keep the loot of the losing country. Be it noted that only countries who were larger and more powerful would start a war. In order to win a war the larger country had to insure that they would win prior to starting a war. Patch claims that he has never been violent toward another person in his entire life and never will. This is why he is a clown. Clowns can move mountains through love and humor. He only dresses in clown clothes and has most of his life. He sleeps only three hours a day and is traveling around the world to war zones, disaster areas, and refugee camps, 300 days a year. He does not own a computer. Nor has he ever used one. He receives from 500 –600 letters a month, and answers every letter he has ever received…….by hand. He answers every letter by longhand. He averages three hours out of every day writing letters. 

Patch has read thousands of books. Has a personal library of over 14,000 books and none are written by current day pulp authors. He has a passion for poetry and has memorized over four hours of prose in honor of the love of his life Susan. A concert pianist and world changing activist in her own right. 

When patch was 18 years old he was in a mental ward for the third time in his young life for attempting to take his own life. He had a life altering experience where he made the decision to never have a bad day the rest of his life. Forty two years later he has lived that decision. According to Patch he indeed has never had a bad day since. He believes we choose our own existence and we can choose to not have a bad day. Ever. 

Patch believes that Capitalism and greed is what is truly ruining the word. That there are no more countries, only multi-national corporations hell bent on owning everything, including water. That this system has destroyed health care. That physicians and health care workers should choose to go into their professions for love of humanity and service, not money. He has a list of physicians who wish to work in his new hospital when it is complete. They will be paid $300 a month. Some of the physicians are currently earning over a million dollars a year. A million dollars a year, yet they are lined up to work with Patch for $300 a month? You go figure. I have. 

Patch owns no real estate, has no health or life insurance, earns over a million a year from his lectures, books, etc. He lives in an apartment. He puts all his earnings toward helping others. He has a contingency of clowns that he takes with him to horrible places to help heal. I saw a clip last night from some video that was taken in Afghanistan where Patch and his clowns were in a hospital working with children. Most of whom were dying due to war wounds. It was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. NO medicine, no food. Just concrete and crying. Mothers holding their children in helplessness as they died in their arms of missing limbs, burns and starvation. You should have seen their eyes. One scene showed the most beautiful little girl, naked on a filthy metal table slithering around in her own blood, most of her skin burnt to a crisp as her mother held her down while others cut her skin off with scissors. One chunk at a time. One scream at a time. One tear at a time. The scene lasted for ever as a clown played a violin, the only pain killer available. This is the reality of war. This is what we as Americans are doing to children in the name of “The War on Terrorism”. Over fifty thousand children. Beautiful, loving, innocent children have died at the hands of American terror in Iraq since our invasion. What in the hell are we doing? 

Added note. Directly across from the hospital where the children were dying of starvation, sat huge storage facilities of food and medical supplies for American soldiers. NONE of it has ever made it to the hospital across the road. NONE! 

Patch Adams talk eloquently about our current Whitehouse administration. He said “George Bush is worse than Hitler”. Wow. Now that is a statement. He also said it is a travesty that the richest three men in the world hold more wealth than 48 of the poorest nations on earth combined. That we have more food on this planet than can easily feed everyone. That greed is what is starving others. That a child dies of thirst……yes thirst!…..every 8 seconds. What in the hell are we doing? That there are more obese Americans per capita than any other country on the planet. That Americans wear enough fat to feed the planet! 

The four hour workshop that I attended in Surrey with Patch was attended by fifty very privileged people. I was fortunate to there. Out of fifty people. Two were men, I was one, the other was Charles Woodfield. Patch made note of the fact that there were only two of us there. That if it had been a workshop on finance and building a portfolio, the gender ratio would have been reversed. He stressed the fact that women are the worlds salvation. They are the one’s you see serving in refugee camps, war hospitals, nursing homes, etc. They are the ones with love and caring, and empathy in their hearts. It would serve men well to have the goal to become good women. Not in a sexual sense, but in a loving sense. We as men have been conditioned in America to kill, conquer and control. It is time we love. 

Patch feels it is a travesty that the most important people in our society, teachers, are so underpaid that sixty percent of them can’t afford to feed their families on their income. That grown men sit around on Sundays in front of television and ignore their wives and children to watch a bunch of narcissistic millionaires “play with their balls”. He believes professional sports is a travesty when people are dying of starvation. He does not watch television and believes that it is slowly killing our ability to think. He says the reason he has a “brain” is because he uses it and does not become brain dead watching television. 

Patch Adams, a renegade, political, activist, physician, clown, visionary. Strong, powerful, loving, caring, dedicated, man. 

From his own words…..”Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad. It is so rare that a man walks in the world with love in his heart, that people feel compelled to build a religion around them.” Patch claims that he has never ever had one religious thought. That religion is a social institution. He merely loves and cares about people. That it is not about worshiping a deity. It is about loving. What is God, but love? 

Patch is doing his part to change the world. The world he envisions is the world where a woman can walk down any dark alley in any place in the world at 3 in the morning and never once feel fear. Wow! That is his vision. That is what he is working for. 

Patch is passionate about children. The child sex industry generates over fifteen billion dollars a year. It is not unusual for child of five to be sold into sex slavery and be used eighteen times (average) a day until they are used up….(as Patch so eloquently states it). Fifteen Billion…….and most of this is generated at the hands of perverted Americans. What in the hell are we doing? 

Warner Brothers took his life story a few years back and made a movie of it. Patch talked about the experience and how he wept when he read the scripts prior to shooting. They made his story into a comedy and left out all his humanitarianism. He made them rewrite the script to come closer to truth. They still fell way short in his opinion. But he understood that humanitarianism would not sell tickets. He was promised by Warner Brothers that they would give fund his hospital after the films release. To this day, Patch has not received one cent from the proceeds of his life story. The film grossed over four hundred million dollars! What in the hell are we doing? 

Patch has a very difficult time getting airtime for television, newspaper, and magazine interviews. It is hard to get the hand to feed you when you are biting it! He refuses to sell out and shut up to get ink and airtime. What does this tell you about our media. He receives death threats every day. Some from Christians. Can you imagine such a thing? 

Patch is astounded that in thirteen years of schooling here in America. There is not a single course dedicated to teaching us how to love one another. We can join the military and learn a thousand ways to kill, but there is no equivalent to teach us how to love. Learn how to kill, and your college education will be paid for. 

Patch has given me a thing or two to ponder. Such as….what in the hell am I doing? 

You can learn more about Patch and his work at……

You can go with him on one of his missions as a clown. No one is turned down.