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Living in a Holy Relationship

David Spooner – Scotland and England tour guide, administrative computer coach and Power of Clearing Coach

January 2022

As the end of my 30-year romance and marriage focused into reality, I felt a failure to myself, my family, and my children, certain only of my grief, depression, and now a feeling of doom and separation. Convinced I was unlovable and worthy of no prospects, I had no idea then how profoundly the Clearing and Holy Relationship work that I experienced with Sandy and her team of coaches would pave the way to my happiness, and how those dearest to me benefit from seeing me happy. 

In the last 5 years of our relationship, we were determined to ease our children through the separation and letting go of the word marriage and going towards divorce, and through Sandy’s guidance and the Clearing process so graciously applied by gifted coaches in the trainings and in my home, I was able to call for corrections to errors in my thinking of self-judgement  and self-condemnation towards myself, that I wasn’t worthy, that I wasn’t good enough, that I was unimportant and unlovable, and that nobody would ever want me. Key for me was understanding that the ego is always trying to do it’s best to protect me but fighting imaginary battles with my ego never helps.

My ego was always coming up with damaging scenarios and fearful thoughts of how I would end up with no one, alone. For the past 30 years I had been part of a marriage and family and the thought of being completely alone was terrifying. Learning to bypass my ego made lighter work of emotional adjustments that appeared for a long time too painful to consider. I chose to clear myself of all these fears, guilt and feelings of unworthiness with the Power of Clearing process. I had many private sessions with Gillian, Sandy and Len as well as being in the trainings. At moments I felt like I was going to die from my very strong emotional pain. I cleared deeper and deeper until I tapped the truth of my true nature, that I was good enough to be wanted and chosen, and worthy of love and compassion. At this point I then began my new relationship with my new partner.

Twice in two years we attended a spiritual retreat in Vaddö on the Swedish Baltic coast, called the Warm Water Rebirthing training for 7 days with Lena Kristina Tuulse, Sandy was also present, teaching a part of the course, at first unaware that that both I and Iona had each met our future partners at this course. Since then, we have at different times lived as two couples under the same roof, shared family celebrations and been able to show the next generation, our four children, mine and Iona’s, that loving relationships are forever and changing the form does not change the love between us which will go on forever. Changing the form of my relationship with my ex-wife Iona, did not change the love between us. All of us, Me, Iona, my new wife Jean Battersby and all our children have learned and experienced this profound teaching that Love is unchanging, it goes on forever and that we are all one. That it is our intention to be a joined family, all of us, forever. We have learned how to love and accept each other for who we really are, beyond our egos. We can all join now as one happy family, with full transparency, acceptance and understanding because we have all done forgiveness of our ego thoughts. It was a miraculous healing, and each one of us clearing what was in the way and joining fully in whole family dynamic and accepting each other. It has indeed been a very deep process and journey and in the beginning, I never thought we would get to peace and love for myself and everyone in my family. I have now married my new wife, Jean Battersby, in Seattle, with all my children and her children who could not attend in person but were present on a Zoom call from Scotland. Our wedding happened during the height of the Covid experience so very few people could actually be present at the wedding.

Jean, Iona, and I have all become Power of Clearing coaches and we can clear with each other anything that is going on with each other. This is huge that we all have the same technology to share with each other and hold the space with each other in the clearing. Kenneth, Iona’s new partner, a medical healing monk, has also learned the Clearing Process. He has been so helpful at holding the space at a very deep level for each of us. I feel so wanted, understood, loved, and cared for in my new marriage with Jean. I never imagined that the place I have arrived in myself would ever have been possible. Jean and I have very deep, profound communication and acceptance between us. 

Jean and I have been going back and forth between living in Scotland and Seattle, Washington. 

Journey to Authentic Self

Jean Battersby Spooner – Power of Clearing Coach, Belief Systems Coach, Master NLP Practitioner

At the end of my husband’s marriage, we first met. Invited by my mentor, Sandy Levey-Lunden, I agreed to attend a Warm Water Birthing experience in Vaddo, Sweden. I had never been to Sweden, nor had I ever considered it. And I certainly did not know about rebirthing! But intuitively, I found myself saying yes. I didn’t know that across the world, my future husband had also said yes to Sandy to attend the same retreat. 

However, his reasons for going were different from mine. While their marriage was ending, Sandy and her coach team supported them through powerful clearings. When I met him in Vaddo, he was in such a state of grief that he didn’t really “see” me then. What I could see in him was his loving nature, and I wanted to be near him even if I couldn’t be with him. 

I completed Sandy’s POCCC course to further my development as a life coach and thought that I’d surely gain more tools to add to my “toolkit” to help my clients. However, the year-long course I had just finished lacked a process to help me go deeper, so I was hopeful that the Warm Water Rebirthing with Lena Kristina Tuulse and more Power of Clearing would give me what I lacked. Little did I know that this experience would forever change my entire life.

At my first attendance in 2015, I was still doubting my abilities as a coach. Coming from a childhood fraught with a critical mother, I found that I constantly second-guessed myself. I harshly judged myself, felt unlovable, and, at times, unworthy of living. I didn’t trust my true nature, and I didn’t understand my true nature until I experienced numerous clearings with Sandy. By the time I attended the same seven day Warm Water Rebirthing retreat in Vaddo again the following year, I had become clearer about my true nature and abilities—I knew that I represented joy, heart, a haven, radiance, and source for many people.

For us, the Holy Relationship emerged slowly. First was the untangling of the strings of marriage, then the clearing of the fog that separated us from our true Selves. We learned how the ego keeps us separate from our true nature and recognize when the ego is at play. And more importantly for me, to strengthen the muscle of helping each other move out of “little t truth” into “Big T Truth.” In a Holy Relationship, you help each other heal the pain and suffering. You don’t judge it. You don’t measure it. You don’t compare it.

Only my husband and his former wife can speak to their profound process. And I am the one who can speak to the miracle that we all share a closeness that few have experienced. With new partners, we have created a larger family unit that amasses several continents. We’ve reached new heights of Joy and Freedom. All of our children from our first marriages have experienced the loving relationships we have formed and witnessed the closeness we share. 


David and I married with as many people from our friends and family present as were permitted by the strict gathering rules during the Covid epidemic in Seattle, Washington in 2021. David’s whole family was present by Zoom from Scotland and our other friends and family from all over the world were also present via Zoom as well. We were thankful for this technology that allowed our loved ones to be present at such a special moment for us, even when global circumstances wouldn’t allow them to be present in person. 

I will be forever grateful to Sandy and the Power of Clearing process. My children have benefitted from my happiness, my business has a renewed clarity of purpose, and I continue to grow in my new relationship with my husband.

My Journey to Authentic Self

Iona Leishman, certified Power of Clearing coach


I understand now that one of the primary things I came here to work on in this life has been my fear of loneliness, blame, and attack. I have attracted many warm relationships in my life, but I have also angered and alienated others. I believe I have not understood boundaries, and I believed that I needed to keep many relationships superficial because I did not trust myself on many levels. I believed people would discover that I was unpleasant. I believed that my birth family knew that already and that, in their eyes, I was irretrievable. I was confused.


Through my years of Power of Clearing work with Sandy, I retrieved myself and found the bravery to do something that many people believe is impossible. I faced my deep fear of anger, loneliness, and ostracization. In the process, I was able to bring a long marriage that has born beautiful children to a calm, peaceful, and loving conclusion through the release of the other. There have been no lawyers involved in our divorce, and the tough, emotional fallout eased, enabling us to meet gladly as a loving family that now includes new partners for each of us. Our partners love our children, understand they come first, and are familiar and comfortable with Sandy’s work.


My deep longing was to be seen, heard, and fully accepted for who I am. I yearned to know my value and have the courage to be transparent with a loving partner. I wanted to be with a partner with whom I could deeply explore on every level. 


Growing up, asking for what I wanted could attract ridicule and criticism for being selfish. A middle child for the first six years of my life, I do not have any memories of being closely held and feeling totally safe and loved. Blame and attack were acute issues for me. I remember as a teenager thinking, “I will never do anything else that angers my parents.” I believed I had angered them too much already, and I could not bear their displeasure anymore. It was too risky.


As a child, I could be brave and funny, but I had early trauma, including being hit by my father. My parents put me into four different schools before the age of seven, so I became distressed and unhappy. Despite my mother being seriously ill after my birth, my sister was born just 17 months after me and subsequently bore the brunt of my bullying. Apparently, my parents talked about taking me to a child psychologist because I was acting out so much emotional pain, but it did not happen. And by then, my volatile, funny, loveable, scary, exciting Church of Scotland minister father was undergoing his own analysis, training to be a psychotherapist, and by the age of six years, I had another sister. 


I learned to test my father’s mood in my home life before deciding upon my own. I became watchful and tense; I still hear my father’s voice shouting “help me!” as he grappled with some task or other, and we had to run to him. Mostly, I kept safe by trying to anticipate his moods and movements.


We four children danced to his tune, and it was a watchful house: exciting, affectionate, and then terrible—both parents ambitious, sociable, driven. Mother’s psychological state became the central plank of my father’s life work, and sometimes I wondered why they had children. They almost melded one into the other. 


My mother was clever and frustrated, warm but distant about many things. She could gaze out the window and change the subject if she didn’t want to talk about it. But somehow, she never gave up on me, and I loved and understood her. I felt, in many ways, I mothered her. She was stalwart, loveable, funny, smart, and ambitious but hopeless about sex, periods, and boys, and I felt utterly unprepared for the pitfalls and delights of teenage years. I believed I was ugly and fat. I couldn’t understand how I could simply have boys as friends. 


My father told me that “men just want to screw you.” I was half horrified, half impressed that he knew that word. Mum had no encouragement. I did not have a boyfriend until I was 18, and by the time I met my future husband, I was done with bruising, abusive relationships involving drugs and alcohol. This man was calm and kind, safe and reliable. I loved him for his constancy. He was an experienced world traveler, and I was desperate to go and see the world, living in the UK for most of my first 25 years. While methodical and organized, he was keen to travel off the beaten track. Perfect for me who had seen little of the world outside Scotland, albeit that my deep relationship with this country contented me. 


In contrast to his quiet, systematic way of being, I believed I could be the relationship’s energy, dynamo, and excitement. I did well, supported by his steadiness and encouragement. He was and is a kind man who hid many emotions and did not want to talk about them. In my inflated confidence, I believed that I could change him and bring him out. 


In marrying him, I felt immensely grateful, amazed. I felt rescued and seen as I believed I was a mess. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but I wanted adventure. I didn’t realize how messed up and scared I really was. I didn’t know how creatively talented I was; I just couldn’t see it. 


The death of our first baby in childbirth quickly tested our marriage. The pain of her death was mighty. While I wept and grieved, essentially, I felt guilty for causing pain to my birth family. I felt punished, believing that I was fundamentally unpleasant, guilty of historic bad behavior that attracted my father’s wrath, and the displeasure and judgment of my mother. Additionally, a rift between my youngest sister pains me to this day, with her seeming determination to block me from her life. I felt I had killed our baby with my cord, and I had to make amends. I had a huge feeling of guilt deep inside of me to clear, even though I didn’t know it could be cleared. Over many years, my partner and I valiantly worked individually and in marriage guidance counseling. 


Over eight years, we had five children, and all births had their attendant trauma. Exhaustion depleted my body. I could not wake up in the morning; I had such anemia, yet it went undiagnosed. My husband and I were doing a brilliant job on many levels, we loved our family passionately, and we had many wonderful, loving adventures together. Still, I knew that I struggled to feel a vital connection with him.  


I felt unsupported by my sisters, parents, and brother. I just could not understand why my own family could not be more loving and supportive. Why did they not come and help me? After all, none of my siblings had children, and I believed they could make time for me. Perhaps they thought all was well. I was loyal to the situation I had created; I was proud and did not want them to judge me as I believed I would be.


My husband and I worked so hard together to mend the feeling that we were operating in parallel to each other, but in truth, I was terrified of being the cause of pain. Again. It was an old pattern coming round again in my life. I didn’t want to be the cause of pain, so I would manage. And joyfully and bravely, manage, I did. My spirit could be tremendous; I enormously enjoyed parenting my beautiful children and showing them wonderful places. By now, I was painting beautiful landscape paintings and selling well. At the same time, a counselor was supporting me to not dump all my unresolved stuff onto my now teenage children. While I was so desperate to take care of them, nurture, encourage, love—in truth, though, I dared not admit my need for a truly deep, intimate relationship with a man. 


Tragically, my therapist died, although she told me this time was a new beginning for me before she went. I felt adrift. Then a loving friend told me about a presentation by someone called Sandy Levey-Lunden from America speaking in Glasgow, and did I want to go?


Meeting Sandy and her colleague Len Satov that cold, wet March evening, I felt as if they had sent me a life raft. Perhaps there was a way out of all pain and suffering? So, I climbed aboard the life raft, resolved to throw all my despair at them and test their practice. 


I saw that bringing Sandy into the heart of my family could help us enormously. We were at a critical time in our lives, with our oldest starting university and the others navigating the challenges of early teenage years. My husband was deeply unhappy in his work, and I was committed to producing many paintings for the prestigious Chapel Royal at Stirling Castle. My father was increasingly unwell, and my relationship with my youngest sister was tense as we negotiated our parents’ ongoing care. 


Over the next few years, my husband and I hosted Sandy and Len in our family home, helping bring many people to work with them and experience the Power of Clearing process and programs. Our children became familiar with the clearing process, and, as much as they wanted, also formed relationships with Sandy and Len, and the other coaches, Gillian Hibbs, and Oriana Howes who were part of the course teams that came to my home. I became a certified Power of Clearing coach, joining Gillian and Oriana, forever enriching my spiritual practice with the skills I learned through my own clearing with Sandy and helping others with the course. I gained irreplaceable knowledge by sitting for many hours over many years with Sandy during the trainings as she skillfully got to the root of a person’s behavior and skewering tenacious ego. It was masterly.


I grieved my father’s demise into dementia, and when I lovingly witnessed his final passing, I felt his release and mine. Accepting Sandy’s invitation to “come to Sweden and deepen your process,” my husband and I flew there, just after my father’s funeral, for warm water rebirthing where there were also many different spiritual healers. We were to both meet our future life partners during that week, although neither of us realized it then. I felt dazed after all that had just happened in my life, bruised by the enormity of it all. I felt greedy for all there was on offer for me to experience. 


Then life was accelerating, and I felt free to venture to Southeast Asia with Sandy for OUTLAW, Outrageous Unstoppable True Leadership Adventure for Women. I was determined to leave all my shame and guilt there in Bali, telling my husband that I knew something enormous was going to happen, I didn’t know what, but I had to go. He accepted and encouraged me. It was an immensely powerful place in which to let go. Mama Bali. I felt that Sandy was my guiding mother in human form. I underwent a deep spiritual transformation in the group of women in the intensely female place of powerful heat, beauty, and volcanic energy. The experience changed me forever. I was so much more confident of my power as a woman. I understood how my essential goodness would enable my Loved Ones and me to be free and loving to one another; it would just look different. Finally, at long last, I felt robust enough to hear and accept the hurt, anxiety, and anger that inevitably would come my way. I explained to my Beloved children that, while on many levels, I still loved my husband, their father, I loved another man too. I wanted to be transparent. I hated secrecy and obfuscation, and I wanted to live honestly. A Sandyism made a big impact on me: “You don’t get to keep secrets; the secrets keep you.”


Although it was very hard, I knew I was showing my Loved Ones how to be authentic, bold, loving, and compassionate to self and others. Throughout the process, our children had access to Sandy and her compassionate team and the choice to take up help to understand what life was bringing. 


For David and me, the release of each other has flowed into warm acceptance of each other with new ways of communicating because we understand the freedom and a new way to communicate. We both have new partners, people who know and understand Sandy’s teachings. Many key players know, welcome, and accept the others in this new scene: our children, ourselves, and our two new life partners. Perhaps unbelievably for some, with our new partners, we have lived together under the same roof, welcoming our children when they felt to join us. 


As I undid and rebuilt the shape of my family, I had to trust and trust again by repeatedly calling for help from Source Energy to show and guide me. I trusted to lean in to Source through the Clearing process that I resorted to time and time again. I would call on Oriana Howes and Gillian Hibbs to please hold space for me. Hearing Sandy’s unmistakable voice was enough to remind me who I was in my Higher Self. She helped me navigate years of stormy emotional waters with a lot at stake. I remember feelings of utter calm in knowing Divine Strength within me. Love was all, and no matter what was said or done to me, I knew and experienced Divine Power.


I understand more and more about how and why my life has unfolded the way it has. Through deep discussions with my partner, I understood that my soul agreed to all of it before this incarnation. I realize that those I love and those who challenge me also agreed to meet with me, and this knowledge fills me with gratitude. I am gaining more peace and understanding in my reason for being here in this Life.

The Miracle of Conception 

Krista V., Ontario, Canada, Power of Clearing coach and entrepreneur 


Krista has taken my classes and shares an example of how unconscious beliefs can affect current relationships and how forgiving those beliefs is the most significant step toward peace.


“I started menstruating very young when I was only eight years old, and I was devastated when my mother failed to tell me what was happening to my body. Later, when I was 14, she found out that a teenager at my school was pregnant. My mother went into a rage, telling me that if I got pregnant, ‘over my dead body,’ would she let me keep it. She was seething angry when she told me, ‘I will make you have an abortion.’ I was not even sexually active yet. Her words cut deep because I love children and always knew I wanted to have a family one day.


“Later in life, I realized that these experiences emotionally and physically scarred me. I felt it wasn’t safe to bring a baby into the world. I knew this was not true in my logical mind, but remembering how my mother said multiple times that it was never her intention to have children further complicated this feeling that I couldn’t shake. She seemed resentful and had regrets. Any love she had for me could not get through. I felt unworthy of what I wanted most, creating a family.

“My first husband was verbally abusive and could be cruel. When I did not get pregnant right away, he once told me, ‘When I married you, I had no idea you were DAMAGED GOODS.’ Soon after, I told my doctor I was afraid I might be infertile. After the divorce, though, I suspected I had shut down my fertility psychologically because I didn’t feel safe (again). When I was younger, I could ‘concentrate’ on shutting down my period with my thoughts until I got home, where my supplies were, for a few hours. I could also ‘force’ a fever to skip school on occasion. I believe my body knew it was unsafe to bring children into the world with my ‘abusive’ first husband.

“When I did not conceive with my second husband in our first year together, the whole story around me as ‘damaged’ blew up in my mind. Years after our children were born, I learned that my first husband discovered he was the one who was unable to have children. So, even though I was not infertile in that relationship, we both blamed me. I never questioned whether the men in my life had fertility problems. Believing I was the one with the problem created considerable stress. I’d also used herbs call that can trigger or aggravate endometriosis, causing it to rupture and grow. Through seeking the wrong solution, I inadvertently created a bigger problem. 

“When I was 30, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which causes cells to grow outside the uterus. It causes internal bleeding, pain, and infertility. It was extensive throughout my pelvis. Doctors told me that I might never be able to get pregnant. I scheduled a radical surgery with a surgeon in Oregon but changed my mind as I realized I needed to heal my beliefs and childhood experiences first. My husband agreed to adopt if we could not conceive, and then I explored emotionally to see where it would take me. It was a true gift when Sandy convinced me to postpone surgery. There could have been scar tissue from that, and it was a very aggressive and expensive surgery. (Thirteen years later, when I had surgery to remove my uterus and right ovary, the surgeon only found and removed one small spot the size of a coin on my bladder.) 

“Through a series of clearings in the clearing process in Sandy’s classes, I was able to acknowledge these issues from my past that emotionally impacted me and had become defining moments in my perception of femininity and conceiving a child. As I became more aware of the devastating effect of these fearful beliefs buried deep in my subconscious, I shifted my feelings, perceptions, and focus. I recognized how these ridiculous beliefs had been holding me back (and impacting my body) for over a decade. I made radical diet changes and removed toxins from my home alongside the clearings. I realized how fear had been dominating my perception. I released the burden of blaming my mother for her threatening behavior and scaring me about womanhood when I was so young. Even more profoundly, I forgave myself for believing her. I stepped into love and embraced the truth of who I am, a loving person who deserves to be loved.


“I freed myself from learned helplessness and embraced the truth that I am worthy and lovable, and it is safe for me to have a baby. As a result, I was able to move forward courageously. Within three months, my husband and I conceived our miracle baby, Xavier, born in 2004.

“My work with Sandy also led to me meeting Tina Feigal, parent coach, who was at the course. I have consulted with her over the years and did her parent certification course. Combining these experiences has helped me be the best mom I can be. Even though I am still hard on myself for not being perfect, there is no FEAR, which can significantly exacerbate physical pain.

“A few months ago, our 17-year-old son told us, ‘You really are the perfect parents.’ We told him no, not perfect, lots of mistakes. He disagreed, so I take it as ‘perfectly imperfect.’ Nevertheless, we would not be where we are today had we not participated in the clearings. We both often think of Sandy and Len. Len’s teaching around ‘The Watcher’ (observing your thoughts in a detached way) is part of what helped us to carry the teachings well into the future. I also still use Sandy's ACIM cards. I continue to tell people about my work with Sandy and Len. ACIM and the clearing opened up my mind and freed me from all these burdens I had taken on with a false narrative and intense fear around not realizing my dream to have a child.


“Through the teaching of the clearing process, I have had the joy and honor of seeing sicknesses healed, marriages saved, and families reunited. Forgiveness lifts the fog from the mirror, and we see our true selves looking back at us, with the Holy Spirit at our side—and, thus, we see the world clearer than before. The clearing process is true forgiveness. Forgiveness takes diligence, awareness, and the will to be happy rather than right about what you negatively believe about the world and yourself. Forgiveness ends separation. It is our most important function in life—and we get ‘paid’ in rewards of freedom, peace, joy, and love.”


Krista has two healthy children and could easily conceive after taking three of Sandy’s 30-hour On Purpose courses, The Art of Surrender, The Holy Relationship, and Choosing Freedom: The Way Out. Krista went on to take the ten-day Power of Clearing Coaching Certification Program and became a certified Power of Clearing coach.

Waking up to Your True Nature

Valerie Shahan – Re-birther and Certified Power of Clearing Coach, Washington State, USA

By attending both workshops, The Art of Surrender and The Holy Relationship, I am glad to know that insight and clear answers to these questions can truly be found.

Do you know who you truly are?

Can you be free of guilt, attack, and fear?

Can you see “a new you” emerge in this world?

Do you realize that you are not alone?

Can you be in a relationship with a joint purpose that you both want, which one of the conditions of a Holy Relationship?


Extraordinarily, the light is within each of us, as is the tunnel, and the answers. 


t starts with a story; my story, your story, our story.


Like you, I have searched for many years for answers to the pains of the past I have experienced. Like you, I have read books, from philosophy to psychology to self-help to religions, had therapy, counseling, met gurus, shamans, done workshops, and practiced meditation and yoga.


All of these processes have helped me to become attuned to a better version of me. Something was missing—an experience and simple tools which I found to be unique in The Art of Surrender and The Holy Relationship, and the Power of Clearing Coaching Certification Program.

An experience and simple tools: An adventure unlike any other. For each workshop, we meet as a group in the welcoming home of a past or present student of transformation.  

Immediately, I feel safe and surrounded by a nurturing energy coming from Sandy and Len (one of the Power of Clearingcoaches). 

From a place of great pain, we, as a group, are able to experience and witness from each other, transformative moments of peace, universal love, and joy. It is done with the understanding of key words and, through processes, the sharing of our broken life stories.

We come to understand the Art of Surrender. During the training, we are guided by the coaches, often in pairs, to release the pain that we create from subconscious stories we believe, feel, and think about ourselves repeatedly in our ego. We surrender beliefs such as judgment, self-loathing, unworthiness, guilt, separation, isolation, undeserving of love, and let go of the fear to love ourselves.

We let go by a clearing process. It is Sandy’s gift, given to her in a moment of trauma in her own life. Its effect is truly magical by its simplicity. Our stories are deactivated in the three-part clearing process, creating awareness, surrender, and forgiveness. Once experienced, the clearing process, a tool for life, can be applied to open our heart every time necessary whenever we fall out of love and into ego thoughts and ego fears.

Our stories are then released by forgiveness in the clearing process. Moving from a state of false belief from our broken life stories, we learn to cancel the blocks in the mind that stop the flow of life or love energy that connects us all. That energy has many words with God-like terms, like universal love, universal consciousness, divinity, and nature. It may sometimes feel loaded, sometimes exclusive, but in truth it has no simpler definition than that we are all the same, spiritually. Forgiveness and remembering who we truly are as divine beings is a beautiful completion step of the clearing process. 

And so, we make a true connection with ourselves and everyone else. This connection is explained through the Holy Relationship. From an early age, we are mistaken to believe that we are special, independent, and disconnected, and that we need to defend ourselves from anyone who might want to hurt us. This belief is no longer important or real once we understand the clearing process. Understanding comes after forgiveness. Our newly-discovered intention is to understand the common goals that we have in any relationship. We learn to definitely commit to a position of togetherness, twoness, to communicate openly, transparently, without blame, and then connect into love in a Holy Relationship. In The Holy Relationship training, we learn to clear the triggers of separation in our relationship, to receive together and give as we received.

At the end of the two workshops, we all have the light to start walking the path in unison, with innocence, freedom, and love that had never left us, that of the child within. We all are shifted through the workshop experience; we can now join in a Holy Relationship joint purpose. We no longer need to be independent to be safe, and we are no longer chained by fear so that we can now risk being who we truly are in our Holy Relationship. Once we have attained this state of safety and newness as we are reborn into our true authentic self in the Holy Relationship, we can then bring that safety, innocence, and support into any of our chosen relationships.

The experience of The Art of Surrender and The Holy Relationship workshops is unique. Each member of the assisting team of the workshops is truly committed to giving, with one purpose, universal love and compassionate support. The workshops are organized in small groups with beautiful meals provided. These dinners and mealtimes are moments of true bonding and can be used as a reference point to never feel alone again. These two workshops come with follow-up calls, a buddy system, new friends for life, laughter, and a newly-found freedom. 

“There is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Valerie went on to take the ten-day Power of Clearing Coaching Certification Program and became a certified Power of Clearing coach.

My Journey to a Holy Relationship

Robert Hand, Owner of Wise Awakening Bookstore and Metaphysical Center, and Haulin’ Ash Chimney Sweep


February 2022


Sandy Levey-Lunden was a friend of my wife, Diana; however, I only met Sandy recently after my wife passed away in May 2020. In November 2021, I met Sandy at a dinner party for people who own the Healy healing device; we both own one and love it. We started discussing a concept called the Holy Relationship and the Power of Clearing process. At that point, I was genuinely wondering if there was a better and different way to have a relationship than what most people experience, including myself. I was in a new relationship of eight months, and this woman was with me at the dinner party. A few days later, an incident happened where my new relationship ended abruptly. I was in a state of surprise, shock, and wonder. I wanted to know how, why, and what I could have done differently to have it work out at deep levels and possibly be indeed a life relationship.  


My experience of past relationships and marriages is of emotional pain, sexual dysfunction, divorce, and heartbreak. Therefore, I desire and welcome a breakthrough to have a more in-depth and healing relationship where my partner and I commit to clearing any barriers or impediments that come up between us. My most recent marriage with Diana was by far the best, most loving relationship I’ve ever had. We did everything we could do to heal ourselves, but there were areas in our relationship beyond what we could do.


Sandy did five major clearing sessions with me in which I healed most of my negative ego thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and I cleared in the areas of self-worth blockages and barriers in my past relationships. The $2,000 I spent on my sessions with Sandy was more effective and brought me further than the over $50,000 I had paid previously with other methods and people working on the same issues. I consider my investment with Sandy as the most significant value that I have ever spent in my life on anything. I felt different about myself, relieved and confident in my new state of awareness and awakening, and very grounded. My sexual feelings came back. I am now more available and present than I’ve ever been, much more. The voices of fear, emotional pain, and guilt are mostly gone. I’m much more aware of what is happening inside of me, and as my ego voices of fear and doubt come up, I am releasing them immediately to my true nature. I am single now, and I have decided that my next relationship will be a Holy Relationship, and I will live and practice the philosophy, tools, and concepts. I am eager and ready to meet my next destined life partner. Together, I hope we will go on a profound, deep, healing, connected journey. I am excited about the new stage of my life as a timeless being ready to go to new heights of peace, joy, and love.

Understanding and Living in a Holy Relationship According to A Course in Miracles

Adam Shapiro, Power of Clearing Coach and A Course in Miracles teacher and student,


February 2022

The Holy Relationship to me means seeing and holding your partner’s incorruptible and changeless innocence no matter what seems to be happening. In my experience, the Holy Relationship is not so much between two people per se, but more about the Holy Spirit/Jesus guiding/directing the relationship; the relationship is inclusive meaning eventually when it becomes more and more advanced you can see the relationship being used to heal not only the two holy relationship partners but between the Sonship/the One Mind. This means as the two holy relationship partners heal their mind they are healing the One Mind. As Jesus states in A Course in Miracles that the Holy Relationship “The holy relationship is a phenomenal teaching accomplishment”. I feel this statement reflects one’s growth/development on the spiritual path/ladder. It represents you and your partner’s willingness and desire to pursue the goal of seeing each other as perfect and innocent. 


Thru my Holy Relationship with my wife Mia, I am healing past issues/traumas that I have held onto since I have been a child. I am 39 years old and my Mia is 22 years old. There has been tremendous resistance from the ego projecting thru blame and countless relationship conflicts onto each other in the goal of trying to keep each other from coming together and joining mind to mind. I have been with Mia for 3 years and it’s only been in the past 2 years that we both willingly accepted the Holy Spirit’s goal as seeing each other holiness (innocence). There are numerous things I have been learning in the Holy Relationship with Mia. One thing I am learning is to be grateful for being triggered. Sometimes you don’t even know when you are triggered, so it’s a blessing to have your holy relationship partner present/show you your triggers so they can be forged and healed. When Mia triggers me, I am realizing quicker and quicker that she loves me so much that she is going to show me my upset/trigger over and over again until I learn to forgive myself for using her to attack myself. Once I take accountability and bring it back to my mind, then I can see the jewel/the miracle that is behind this false appearance. I believe

forgiveness (ACIM based forgiveness) is not complete until their gratitude for her; the image I get is being in so much gratitude that I want to kiss her feet for showing me all my unconscious guilt that I wouldn’t able to see if wasn’t for her. And then we together with Holy Spirit can heal it together. Thru joining with the Christ in Mia we can access our One Mind and all seeming problems dissolve because there is no more separation. 


I see the Holy Relationship as the holy grail to Awakening from the dream entirely. I feel it is a gift from the Holy Spirit to help us return to our shared incorruptible innocence, which the Holy Relationship demonstrates; it helps you see your holy relationship partner as innocent, sinless and guiltless NO MATTER what the ego in your partner is saying. It’s holding and seeing the Love that is and always has been in your partner, which you see as who you are as well. What I’m learning is that it isn’t real and really cannot be felt in the heart unless it is shared; innocence, love, gratitude, peace etc. all can be shared with each other. All of this learning and experience in living the Holy Relationship is all due to meeting Mia in this lifetime. I said yes 2 years ago to wanting to pursue this relationship with her and the Holy Spirit and shortly after that Mia joined me in my intention/goal of seeing each other’s innocence and guiltlessness no matter what seeming obstacle would come our way. I am truly grateful to Mia for having the desire to wake up with me in this lifetime and not waiting anymore longer. Even though this world is not real and an illusion, Jesus states in ACIM “”Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time”, so as long as we believe this world is real it will be painful until we have the desire to wake up and see the only way to wake entirely from the dream is thru the Holy Relationship; it is truly miraculous! And the great news is EVERYONE can have a holy relationship with another. It all comes down to your desire for really wanting it and then the Holy Spirit will not fail in providing the perfect holy relationship partner for you.

Blown Away by my Clearing Experience

Marietta, 52-year-old saleswoman

Clearing sessions December 2021 – January 2022


My experience with Sandy Levey-Lunden and the Power of Clearing process has been completely transformational. As someone who has worked several years in the mental health/therapy arena, I am very picky about who I work with for my personal development. 

What I achieved in a handful of sessions with Sandy in a total of seven hours is equivalent to a year’s worth of therapy.

I have always been a reasonably successful person, but I have lost a couple of jobs and struggled with relationships with men and my self-worth.

Sandy helped me understand that my belief system (that I was completely unaware of) and my childhood experiences attracted unhealthy people into my life. As a result, I had reached the point where I felt rather hopeless and in despair. Even though I did everything I knew to do, nothing seemed to help, and I could not push through.

Sandy helped me find the source of why I was accepting poor jobs, attracting egocentric people, and struggling with sexual issues.

Sandy taught me that the judgment I placed on my father and mother was a judgement of me. 

She showed me that I was drawing the type of men with similar sexual guilt to me due to a childhood experience. It was mind-blowing that the sexual trauma that I experienced as a child was an exact match for the sexual experience that one person, in particular, wanted to do with me. That’s why we were so connected in our sexual attraction for each other, reconfirming our mutual sexual guilt by acting out this attraction and fantasy in our real life. When Sandy helped me to realize that truth, it blew my mind.

She taught me that these men attract me to my sexual guilt.

Through the process of clearing, I have had so many revelations, and lightbulbs go off; it’s astounding. To see the underlying truths of why I could not see myself as lovable, worthy, or valuable is so freeing. 

At first, I thought this was too easy of a process, and I was unsure if it would work. However, I was blown away even after my first clearing.

I continue to do the 3-part clearing in the mirror whenever I see the old ego thoughts coming up. I am doing my part and the coach’s part to reemphasize Big T Truth and help me awaken from my fantasy of fear and guilt. I understand that the clearing is a lifelong process of releasing what isn’t my true nature and being awake all the time using my Watcher to see when I am falling into my ego. Three of my very good friends worked with Sandy and then recommended her. I am grateful for finding Sandy and the clearing process.

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