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Taking Your Place as a

Leader in the World

A nine-month course offered privately to each individual regardless of location.  Take the course via Skype or telephone from anywhere in the world!


  • Private session hours (spread out over the nine month period) of personal coaching and sessions with Sandy and other members of her coaching team; all clearing sessions are included in the total price

  • Group conference calls with all enrolled participants—we are creating a team of supporters to support you from a Big T place in your dreams and visions

  • One seven-day course in Hawaii, full tuition not including accommodations or meals (Dates and country of the gathering to be agreed upon by the group, Maui, Hawaii is an option; we are thinking about November of 2018)




This course is for everyone who would like to go to a higher level in their lives, in terms of what they aspire to give and receive, both for themselves and for the world.


Are you living your life from the big T truth, or from your ego? This course will teach you how to stay on track in your big T truth, allowing you to give this gift to yourself as well as everyone else in your life.


Are you contributing to the world in a way that uses your whole self fully and gives your life passion, fulfillment, and meaning?


This workshop and total process will assist you in clarifying your heart and passion’s direction and inspire you with the true conviction that you can and will achieve your heart’s desire in terms of giving your gifts and unique talents from your heart to the world.


Over the past 40 years, Sandy Levey Lunden has helped thousands of people transform their lives and find their unique life purpose, passion and vision. As a success coach for the past 40 years, she has helped many of people design a career or business that is harmonious with their total personality, dreams, unique talents and gifts, and desires, and which will make a lasting contribution and be a benefit to the world.




  • Find out what your inner goals are (these are the true goals from your aligned and open-hearted self)

  • Discover your True Purpose in life and True Mission

  • Find out what your motives, passions and desires are in order to make a True Contribution to the world, and what the exact contribution would be that would give you full satisfaction, full heart opening, enthusiasm, passion and boundless energy.

  • Create a clear statement of your true inner calling and passion in such a way that is clear, so that you feel inspired and turned on about participating in and realizing your true contribution.

  • Learn to acknowledge and accept the inner talents, passions and gifts you already have.

    • State them in “I Am…” sentences

  • Be able to present yourself so that others want what you have to offer and will want to participate with you in your unique contribution, creating an aligned team and network of supporters.

  • Achieve your goals with no struggle and no resistance going with complete flow from your True Self.

  • Use the power of intuition and love to share yourself and what is important about and to you with the world.

  • Take action and create an action plan, tasks and steps to make your dreams come true.



  • Discover who, exactly, is your support team in both your personal and professional networks.

  • How are you not leading in your life right now?

  • Discover who and what are you leading presently?

  • How are you and how are you not accountable to yourself and others in what you say you will do?

    • There will be a whole process of accountability to yourself.

  • How can you transform your word and your life to the art form that you always dreamed was possible?

  • How do you see yourself presently leading in your life and in the world?

  • How do you see yourself not presently leading in your life and in the world?

  • What qualities would need to be brought out of you that are yet to come forward, in order for you to take your place as a leader in the world?

  • If you could create any project or focus for yourself, to give to the world as a contribution, what would it be exactly?

  • What would you have to let go of in your belief systems, thoughts and feelings, and clear for this project or contribution to be fully recognized in the world?


If you interact with people at all, you are constantly marketing who you are, your ideas, desires, and contributions, whether you know it or not. Your success depends on how well you share yourself—how you convey the value and benefit of your ideas—first to yourself, and then to others.


In this workshop you will discover how to break through your obstacles to your true success and get what you really want from your life NOW.

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*All enrollments are subject to our Cancellation Policy
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