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More Testimonials of Transformation

​I learned more about myself and how stunted my communication and development is at an emotional level. I met some of the most wonderful people in this course. The course has been a pleasure; it has healed and inspired me.
Hot Air Balloons
David S
​Never before have I felt so loved, safe and supported in processing my damaging beliefs. The ratio of one facilitator per student is very rare if not unheard of. Each facilitator is blessed with special healing gifts that could be utilized whenever emotions were bring needed to cleared or released. I finally feel true, whole and complete. I am free to be me. Thank you for offering such a powerful gift of total, unconditional love and support, something I have never experienced until today.
After the workshop I started to feel that some shift had happened inside me, as if the fault zones that used to trigger negative feelings had been repaired. If I ever experience similar kind of negative feelings again, I will know they are not real, so I can just let them go without wasting time trying to understand them or trying to deal with them. Instead, all I need is to go on learning to forgive myself and to wake up from other 'bad dreams' I had believed were real.
I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to practice N.V.C. (nonviolent communication) in some sessions with a facilitator. I am really glad that I am giving myself the gift of these classes and I trust my highest and best good to unfold as a result of taking these classes! I need support and to let go at my own speed and I am grateful for the versatility and flexibility of course materials and facilitators. 
Nora West
As long as I come from my authentic self I will be okay. I learned to appreciate that I have a gift as a creative metaphysical thinker. My guilt is enough and I can delegate the rest to someone else. I learned that I need to stay present. To eliminate fear I learned that I can do public speaking by being grounded
Marcy B
​I revealed and released barriers that were in my way of expressing myself fully. Before coming here I felt trapped in a tight box. Now I am enjoying the beauty and freedom of hopping out of the box and having unlimited joy in sharing myself with the world. I've received precious feedback and a clearer image of what I am about and what my skills and talents are. I was able to find my personal purpose and vision.
Susan F
I achieved dreams I never knew I had! I allowed myself to dream BIG. Not a day goes by when I don't refer to what I learned in the APM. The knowledge of who you are and what your purpose is on this planet survives divorce, and all the other ups and downs of life. Being able to find the form that fits your purpose is the trick, and Sandy seems to have a knack for showing people how.
Dana L
Clarity, confidence valuable practice, new friends, support, inspiration, a must-do for anyone who markets themselves, must-do for anyone who is into marketing. I feel clear and focused, and committed. I reached a new level of commitment. I now am 100% committed. I am grateful for the knowledge I have learned from Sandy, and the group participation, and the clearing I received.
Let me tell you that we thought it was a fantastic weekend. I had a tremendous lot of help from John's clear-sighted coaching. It helped me to realize that issues I thought was minor in fact disturbed my entire life. The course gave me tools to keep me stay in tune with the force and love around me. Things are just falling into place in the most incredible ways. 

My company is expanding rapidly and the worn out relationship with my wife and family is now intense and full of love. 

Thank you both of you for being there for me and my wife.
I learned to open my heart to release blockages. I discovered a lot of suppressed issues from my childhood and cleared them. I feel happy. I couldn't imagine how important other's stories are to me.
I've become aware of my ego and the decisions made by it. I will use what I learned in this course to create a better relationship with my wife-not reacting and being triggered, but holding a space her. I am strong and unlimited.
What I got out of the training was an overwhelming sense of my divinity. 

Sandy and Len have had such an impact on my life that has brought aspects of A Course in Miracles into such perspective that I know it has affected me positively for the rest of my life. As challenging as the ego becomes, I know I have a tool in my tool box that will help me get through.
I have this habit of avoiding what I really desire and what would help me. Shortly after attending the Art of Surrender, my mom asked "could we clear together?" Whoah. I not only helped my mom but I gained SO much confidence that yes I CAN do this. I felt the higher realm of goodness helping me and I felt as if I were doing what I am meant to do. VICTORY! 
The clearing work is a fast, effective, simple way to jump into self-healing. I've gained immense confidence in myslf through using this method.
There are multiple story lines which are always running and the ego has a vested interest in seeing that these stories get out to the public. So the more the story is told the more "real" it becomes. I am beginning to see how much of my impressions/perceptions are actually made up in my mind and how far from the truth they are.
Mary S
I have received Peace, happiness, love from the Art of Surrender. I will clear with myself on a regular basis and communicate full out. I will speak so the message of peace and happiness will be visible to everybody.
I am feeling calm and hopeful and solid that we have the guidance we need to go forward. I saw my partner come out that really does attract me, the one that is kind, caring, and gentle. I saw the person I fell in love with. I see my real partner, which I haven't seen in a long time. I see in myself the gentle self, by facing what I didn't want to face, there were big benefits all around
I achieved a sense of personal balance within myself that I had lost and I forgave myself for my false beliefs. I was able to bond with my life partner and we are now committed to a Holy Relationship....I would recommend this course to everyone because everyone deserves to be whole and feel love for all and most importantly for themselves.
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