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This audio CD contains an interview with international life coach, counselor, and spiritual leader Sandy Levey-Lunden  and Andrew Barber-Starkey, a Master Certified Coach living in Vancouver, Canada. Learning about the Holy Relationship with Sandy in the 1990s profoundly influenced his life and subsequent marriage. His experience inspired him to record this CD so everyone could learn how to be in a Holy Relationship and its value.

Relationship as a Path to Enlightenment

  • Product will ship within three business days of purchase.

    Shipping is $5 USD within the continental United States

    $10 USD for International shipping

  • Album – Relationship as a Path to Enlightenment

    Artist – Sandy Levey-Lunden

    Track Listing

    1. Introduction
    2. Spiritual Principles
    3. Themes and Patterns
    4. Projecting Our Lessons
    5. Check Your Foundations
    6. The Special Relationship
    7. The Dysfunctional Romance
    8. Specialness and “The One”
    9. Finding the Humor
    10. Lessons of the Relationship
    11. The Healing Partner
    12. Knowing No Lack
    13. Past Projections
    14. Observing Your Process
    15. Questions to Ask Yourself
    16. A Place of Communication
    17. Our Barriers to Love
    18. The Journey Home
    19. A Course in Miracles
    20. Healing Courses
    21. Youth on Purpose
    22. The Path to Enlightenment
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