The Holy Relationship

A Relationship Based on Total Truth - Each person sees the other as a divine being of light and love. The purpose is healing, which is the release of the negative past, enabling one to open their spirit and heart to eternal love for one another. By releasing our negative beliefs about our own selves, we are able to see in others their infinite perfection, while becoming one on a joint spiritual path.

The Holy Relationship is the deepest and most comprehensive course we offer. If you would you like to clear negative patterns, misunderstandings and games of power from your relationship, this is the course for you!

The purpose of this unique healing Relationship workshop is to release core beliefs which limit relationships. You will learn clear communication tools that will bring your relationship into full integrity, total truth, and a joint purpose. The workshop begins with addressing each person's challenges in the area of an intimate relationship and the tracing back to the original core beliefs embedded in childhood and releasing them. This "Clearing Process" is a technique that allows the participant total safety and unconditional love.

The Holy Relationship Course is:

  • For couples interested in making their existing relationships more fulfilling and lasting, and to bring back the passion and true love that they first experienced together.

  • For singles wishing to find their lifetime partner in a committed relationship.

  • Learning tools to have a successful Holy Relationship with anyone.

  • An experience where you can safely and lovingly heal and release your entire negative past.

  • Several days (varies) in a beautiful environment surrounded by supportive and loving people.

  • An intense practical application of the essence of A Course in Miracles.

  • Giving birth to the divinity and purpose of your relationship.

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