The Stories of The Art of Surrender

People from all over the world share their experiences

"I had a tremendous lot of help from John's clear-sighted coaching..."

"I learned to open my heart to release blockages..."

J. F.
"I've become aware of my ego and the decisions made by it..."

David S.
"I learned more about myself and how stunted my communication and development is at an emotional level..."

"What I got out of the training was an overwhelming sense of my divinity..."

"I felt the higher realm of goodness helping me and I felt as if I were doing what I am meant to do..."

"I am beginning to see how much of my impressions/perceptions are actually made up in my mind and how far from the truth they are..."

Mary S.
"I have received Peace, happiness, love from the Art of Surrender..."

D. G.
"I am feeling calm and hopeful and solid that we have the guidance we need to go forward..."

"I achieved a sense of personal balance within myself that I had lost and I forgave myself for my false beliefs..."

D. B.
"I feel more centered and comfortable and empowered by who I really am..."

M. E.
"When I first took the Art of Surrender over 10 years ago, it changed everything I understood about relationships..."

Jon K.
"Sandy and the therapists gave me the tools to clear my old behaviors as well as provided much needed feedback and guidance..."

A. C.
"I learned that I can become free and to be loved for who I am..."

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