The Power of Clearing
Coaching Certification Program - Teaching

Certifying Coaches and Counselors around the world in the Clearing Process

We must, in the words of Gandhi, "Be the change we would like to see in the world". POCCCP is not just a set of skills to be taught to others, its aim is to transform you to live a life where all you say, feel, and do are from a place of complete and total truth. Transforming your own life and relationships is what will give you the knowledge, conviction and skills necessary to teach others.

There are a number of skills you will learn in the course, including:

  • How to clearly see the "core beliefs" that give shape to the life you live now;

  • How to use the Clearing Process™ to clear yourself of any negative thought, feeling or belief;

  • How to "Hold the space" for others to clear;

  • How to listen without judgment and remain in a state of neutrality and peace;

  • How to hear your inner guidance and help others to hear theirs;

  • How to create a coaching business using The Clearing Process ™;

  • How to coach individuals and couples through The Clearing Process ™.

  • What kind of questions to ask a client;

  • How to recognize patterns, themes, the ego, and subconscious conditioning;

  • How to guide someone out of their ego story and into the Truth.

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