My Experience of the Holy Relationship Workshop

By Yvonne Witter

Sandy Levy-Lunden spoke eloquently and knowledgeably on the theme of special relationships. She moved effortlessly within the packed room looking into the eyes of the expectant audience and inviting questions and queries to which she responded with truth, honesty and clarity. I experienced lightness in the air and gentleness amongst the people, a sense of having come to the ‘right place’.

At the end of a very inspiring talk I was enchanted! It took no persuasion to get me to the weekend workshop. What transpired for me was the most loving and empowering therapeutic experience I have ever had. I have grappled for years with issues of abandonment and sought various interventions. Sandy Levey-Lunden and Len Sartov created a space of honesty, truth and safety simply by being who they are – people through whom the Holy Spirit is working magnificently.

The exercises that participants were asked to do opened us up like flower buds in springtime and the hours flew by as we revealed more and more of ourselves like onions shedding layers and layers. But we were fully supported too by the marvellous team of Ian, Heather, Annie and Mick.

There was always someone to hug, provide further enlightenment, clarity, explanation and support throughout each stage of the healing process. Yes, at times I felt ‘intense exposure’ and foraging around in the deep recesses to unearth, antiquated belief systems and unconscious thoughts that were no longer supporting me to achieve my goals and purpose in the present was at times very emotional.

I ‘raised’ and ‘cleared’ so much in that weekend I left feeling a deep sense of renewal! The rebirthing / breath-work was truly awesome. The room was awash with transformational energy as people released stored up emotions.

My experience of the weekend was akin to visiting Waitrose to pick up a carton of juice to quench my thirst and leaving with two trolley loads of food stuff of the finest quality, all organic and non-toxic and full of nourishment….The weekend was for me a totally beneficial and unexpected opportunity to develop spiritually, psychologically and mentally.

I am looking forward to continuing in this Process with Sandy Levey-Lunden as I am very aware that I have merely scratched the surface.

Yvonne Witter

London, UK
Dec 2007
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