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True Intimacy of the Healing Partnership

The healing partnership

is a relationship between two or more people where each person has individually seen who they are in their True Self, and therefore can really know another. This other being is the mirror of themselves , and in being this mirror, they reflect both the divinity of themselves , as well everything about them that they truly do not like—which are the characteristics we judge as “guilty” or “not good enough” or “missing something” or even “bad.”

The healing partnership

is a safe space for our true self to be reborn with full support and acknowledgement of the loving being that we truly are in our heart. Sometimes we have had so many happenings in our past that cause us to believe there is something wrong with us—and that we are, in fact, guilty of something, consciously and even more importantly unconsciously; it would take another being to fully acknowledge the opposite in us, on a constant basis, that we are perfect, whole and complete…and innocent . This is the function of the holy relationship partner.

Of course,

it will take an organized system of forgiveness and a realization that the negative self has a voice that is constantly going over things in our head to release this voice and come to Truth (true forgiveness). This is what Sandy Levey received in 1990 as the answer to the negative self’s voice in her clearing process—which clears the beliefs, negative thoughts, and traumatic experiences of the past that had been “running” our lives.

This 3-part process

known as “The Clearing Process,” has an ego part in Step 1 in which the ego can go through its normal diatribe—ranting and raving about its thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the past (and that they are “right” in some way for their perception). In most people’s lives, if there is something that hasn’t been “cleared’ from their past, it can dominate their present life, and they keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it in their conscious and unconscious minds. The clearing process is a method for clearing conscious guilt verbally: this includes an emotional part in Step 1 in which the ego speaks in emotional ways . Steps 2 & 3 are two forgiveness processes in which the ego is released and the true self emerges.

Most people

spend the majority of their lives consciously or unconsciously going over past incidents, beliefs or feelings to prove that they are “innocent.” In some cases, they are trying to prove they are guilty. No matter which way, there is a punishment that they have deemed or generated for themselves (as deserving)--because you cannot prove something that is already true, i.e. one’s innocence . The function of the healing partner in the relationship is to hold the person’s innocence no matter what occurs in both their lives, no matter what the other person says or does. In so holding this space of innocence, the other may come to believe that they are in fact innocent, and see their true nature reflected through the other’s eyes. This then becomes a journey of true intimacy.

One of the exciting

aspects of this relationship is that you are one another’s teacher/student and that you whole-heartedly want to participate in this two-way communication, forming a circle of teaching-learning/giving-receiving. This dynamic relationship must always begin with a joint purpose that you both agree to and want to have whole-heartedly. This joint purpose can even be at a non-verbal, unconscious joining, i.e. it is never literally spoken of or discussed outright. Everyone has a purpose for their relationship(s) whether they are conscious of it or not – or they wouldn’t be in the relationship! In this healing partnership, you are not really committed to the body of another person, you are committed to the purpose that you are working on together, so it becomes a relationship of a divine nature even though it’s being experience in the ego world.

That is,

it is purpose-driven, not body-driven.

It is challenging

to live in this world, in the holy relationship because so many people want to know what is the form of the relationship, and they need to have a label, e.g. Are you lovers? Are you married? Are you business partners? The healing relationship is beyond form. It exists forever, in timeless space , and therefore, will always be going on no matter what occurs. There can be no divorce because it is written in “forever time.”

This joining

that these two beings (or even more than two) have is so profound and intimate that it becomes a force unto itself to awaken further and further to the wholeness we truly are.

Sandy Levey-Lunden, for more information go to or call (360) 527-2796.  Sandy has many evening presentations and workshops.

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