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How To Forgive Yourself

Think it is impossible to forgive yourself?

Have you realized that until we can forgive and love ourselves, things will just plain not seem to get better. Have you ever asked yourself, how to forgive yourself and move on? Or, perhaps, how to forgive yourself for hurting someone. Lack of forgiveness can keep you from learning how to love yourself. This story, related by Valerie, can show you how to forgive yourself for past mistakes. It relates her experiences with two workshops that are popular from Sandy Levey-Lunden, the Life Coach.

You need to stop blaming yourself

for stuff that happened in your past. The resurfacing of negativity seriously effect your heart and mental health. Hurt and anger makes it so hard to release these harmful effects.

You imagine that family

and friends cannot possibly forgive what you have done. The guilt and fear eats away at you. Forgiving yourself is the critical first step to cleaning up this mess, largely what you have made.

It is a process

and it does not happen over night. You cheated. There have been mistakes made in the Past. I like the saying, "It seemed like a good idea at the time!" LOL! You need to learn to forgive yourself, and others. Learn how to love yourself, not in a selfish way, but in a healthy way. Here is Valeries Story...

It starts with a story

my story, your story, our story.

Like you,

I have searched for answers to the pains of the past I have experienced for many years. Like you, I have read books, from philosophy to psychology to self-help to religions, had therapy, counselling, met gurus, shamans, done workshops, practiced meditation, yoga…

All these processes

have helped to become attuned to a better me.

Something was missing

– an experience and simple tools which I found to be unique in The Art of Surrender and The Holy Relationship.

An experience

and simple tools: An adventure like any other.

For each workshop,

we meet, a group of us, in the welcoming home of a past/present student.

Immediately, I feel safe

and surrounded by a nurturing energy coming from Sandy and Len.

Sandy has a motherly love for all,

a contagious faith for peace and joy, the honesty of a snowflake, the endless smile of a river, an abundant and colossal determination to pass on a process that she knows works. She has done for 30 years.

Len has the humility

and the beauty of a flower, the intuition and love of a million years, the inner peace of a mountain and the laughter of a thunder.

They work as a pair

and have been students of the course of miracles for many years. Together with helpers that Sandy trained, John, Ian, Sue, Oriana, and Roy, they form a spirited team with a timeless purpose to bring awareness of our true self: who each of us is, who each of us has in common, a connection that unite us.

From a place of great pain

we, as a group, have been able to experience and witness from each other, transformative moments of peace, universal love and joy. It is done with the understanding of key words and the sharing of our broken stories through processes.

We come to understand the art of surrender.

Guided, often done in pairs, we release the pain that we create from subconscious stories we believe, feel and think about ourselves again and again in our ego, such as judgment, self-loathing, unworthiness, guilt, separation, isolation, undeserving of love by surrendering, letting go of the fear to love ourselves.

We let go by a clearing process.

It is Sandy’s gift, given to her in a moment of trauma in her own life. Its affect is truly magical by its simplicity. Our stories are deactivated in a three parts process, awareness, surrender and forgiveness. The clearing process, a tool for life can be, once experienced, applied to open each petal of our heart every time necessary.

Our stories are released

by forgiveness. Moving from a state of false belief, our broken stories, we learn to cancel the blocks in the mind that stops the flow of life, or love energy that connects us all. That energy has many words, god like terms. It may sometimes feel loaded sometimes exclusive, but in truth it has no simpler definition than that we are all the same. It is a beautiful step of the process.

And so we make a true connection.

This is explained through the holy relationship. From an early age, we are mistaken to believe that we are special, independent, disconnected. It is no longer relevant. Our newly discovered intention is to understand the common goals for any relationship, learn to definitely commit to a position of togetherness, twoness, to communicate openly, without blame, into love. We learn to clear the triggers of separation, to receive together and give as we received.

I am really glad

that I now know and feel the meaning of these words. Poignantly, awakenings occur when each feel transformed, free and whole.

At the end

of the workshops, we all have the light to start walking the path in unison, with innocence, freedom and love that had never left us, that of the child within. We all are change and the change is to make connections in our joint purpose. We no longer need to be independent, no longer chained so that we can risk be who we truly are.

The experience of the Art of Surrender

and The Holy Relationship workshops is unique. Each member of the team is truly committed, giving, with one purpose, universal love. The workshops are organised in small groups, with beautiful meals provided. They are truly bonding and will never leave us feeling alone again. They come with follow up calls, a buddy system, new friends for life, laughter and a newly found freedom.

The workshops are organised

in small groups, with beautiful meals provided.

Sandy Levey-Lunden, for more information go to or call (360) 527-2796.  Sandy has many evening presentations and workshops.

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