Relationships CAN Work!

By Betty Seise

I can’t believe it was just two short months ago that I was in turmoil and so much pain with a broken heart. I was reeling from the feelings I felt after breaking off an engagement to be married, having already failed at two marriages. What and how was I supposed to tell my children this time? How many times can I show them how to fail, that relationships are hopeless? As it is, they refuse to date after witnessing their father and me failing at relationship after relationship. Have we ruined their chances for happiness? Will WE ever experience successful, long-term relationships ourselves, or are we doomed to repeating our mistakes and experiencing the pain of failure again and again?

I was trying to plan an escape from my pain and thinking of where I could run to this time. It was just becoming apparent at the time that I had been running away from my pain and searching for peace; had caused my children and family a lot of upset and have spent a lot of time, energy and money doing so. I was taking my morning walk and feeling very lonely, confused and hurt when I began listening to a CD for the second time. This CD led me to Sandy Levey-Lunden and the answers I so desperately needed.

The CD, “Relationship as a Path to Enlightenment” by Sandy Levey-Lunden, really spoke to me this time. Sandy Levey-Lunden is interviewed on the CD and she clearly explains why relationships are so difficult and painful. She talks about the roles we put our partners in without their knowing it and then make a case against them and begin separating ourselves from them when they fail us in one of these roles. Instead of offering our partners unconditional love, we have many expectations of them, which set up the relationship for failure. Instead of offering our partners love and encouragement, we blame them for things we perceived them to have done. It appears we pick the same type of partner, over and over again, and we do, but not for the reasons we think. These people have scars or traumas caused by past experiences which trigger OUR issues that have yet to be healed. They help us to get our past pain and suffering to resurface again and again, giving us opportunities to heal the wounds. Unless we understand this, when we are “triggered” by something they say or do, we unwittingly blame them for the pain that has resurfaced. This blame game works only to destroy our relationships.

Up until now, we have been talking about romantic relationships, but any relationship can be affected by our past wounds, causing triggers, fighting and turmoil.

Sandy Levey-Lunden is an international leader, speaker and very skilled counselor who has assisted over 30,000 people worldwide in transforming their lives regarding relationships and personal power. She has created a Clearing Process based upon the book “A Course in Miracles,” that is easy to teach and incredibly effective in helping people “clear” their traumas that have blocked them from having the peace, happiness and success they crave and deserve. Sandy offers many different courses that are designed to offer immediate relief to those who attend. She lovingly opens up her heart to everyone and anyone who wants or needs her help. She is committed to helping as many people as possible, seemingly works non-stop, always giving to others, and deserves our support.

As for me, in just a few days, I have cleared myself of my mistrust of men; the belief that it is my job to merely subsidize the household which limited the amount of money I should earn; the belief that I had to pick men for partners who I felt needed to be fixed to make up for my guilt; and any notions of scarcity. I have even used the Clearing Process to clear myself of an asthma attack in a few minutes that normally would have made me feel miserable for at least a full day.

These Clearings have given me my independence and peace of mind. I am ready to face life’s challenges and not run from them; I no longer view marriage as a death trap and feel I am now capable of having a deeper, more intimate relationship with a man; I have a genuine desire to find an emotionally healthy partner who is an equal to me; I have no negative feelings or biases toward men in general; I have learned how to give to others without sacrificing myself; I am able to offer unconditional love to others; I have faith in myself and God; and I now feel I have the tools and clarity I need to have a successful relationship in the future.

Lastly, I have also witnessed some wonderful transformations in two dear friends I brought to see Sandy for one of her one-day workshops. The Clearing Process has literally saved one friend’s life already. Because of this amazing Clearing Process, we now have the hope and confidence to welcome each new day as the miracle that it is, and we will use this tool to prove to ourselves that relationships can work after all!

Sandy can be contacted at 360-527-2796. Please see for previous articles, course information, and more. Sandy’s movie, an award winning documentary called “The Difference” has been made about her Youth Project ‘Fri Sikt’ in Sweden and is available for viewing on You Tube at

Betty Seise
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